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Harmonizing Polarity in the Void with the Ankh - Guided Meditation with Feminine and Masculine Ascended Masters

Harmonizing Polarity in the Void with the Ankh - Guided Meditation with Feminine and Masculine Ascended Masters

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In this guided meditation, we are going to journey into the void, the realm of no thing, to meet with spiritual mentors to harmonize the polarity within ourselves. This is with the intention of accessing a more whole version of our divine blueprint. The harmonization process takes place using the Ankh conduit within our bodies.

Using the ankh symbol to harmonize our inner polarity is helpful because it offers us a physical representation of what the masculine and feminine principles are. Seeing the oval of the ankh as feminine, and the cross as masculine, allows our brain to comprehend what is simply energy. So keep that vision of the ankh fresh in your mind.

Why stepping into the void?

It is in the void that we access the raw essence of who we are as a ONE mind with Source, but it is also here that life is first conceived and is birthed as pure light.

In the void everything is formless and identity-less. In the void there is no separation. So stepping into this “quantum field” allows us access energy that has yet to be tainted by programming, fears, and trauma. This is Source energy in its purest form.

What is the role of ascended masters or spiritual mentors in this meditation?

The ankh is a powerful spiritual and energetic tool that merges both the feminine and masculine principles. For this journey, I was inspired to bring in the feminine and masculine mentors I’ve been feeling strongly these past few weeks and even years. The role of the mentors we’ll be working with during this guided meditation is to assist us with personalized guidance and perspectives. I won’t be channeling anything specific tuning into the energy of each mentor, I am simply bringing their energy into the field of consciousness that is opening with this journey to make it easier for you to access their energetic frequency.

At one point, during the guided meditation, I will direct you to pick the feminine and masculine masters that most resonate with you. Each time you do the meditation, you can invite a different set of beings to assist you, or perhaps it is them reaching out and picking you.

.mp3 file with instructions and guided meditation included

DISCLAIMER: This meditation is not meant to take the place of medicine. If you have neurological disorders, please do not attempt. Don't listen to guided meditation while driving or operating heavy machinery. Proceed with caution.

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