Pleiadian Starseed


Miroslava Casiano, also known as The Metaphysical Chick, was born in Mexico but currently works with the crystalline grids of the Earth in the United States. She is a Galactic Ambassador, High Priestess, Psychic, Healer, Intuitive Artist, Channel of High Vibrational Frequencies, and much more.

Miroslava is here to take people’s consciousness on an intergalactic ride. Her energy is here to awaken galactic and divine aspects within humanity.

“I AM here to be ME so that YOU can be YOU.”
– The Metaphysical Chick


Sirian High Priestess

take your power back

This 1:1 session is meant to awaken souls to their true, divine essence. The Metaphysical Chick helps you understand the energetic blockages by bringing attention to the lessons currently unfolding.

Galactic Hybrid Human

soul blueprint portraits

The Metaphysical Chick is able to tap into the Akashic field, sees a soul’s energetic blueprint, and creates a digital portrait that showcases the aspect(s) that is/are most wanting to be acknowledged. The intention is to help people understand and consciously integrate the galactic, angelic, and/or interdimensional aspects that simultaneously exist along with this human incarnation.

The Metaphysical Chick

crystal magick

All crystals hold a specific energetic structure that can be utilized and manipulated to enhance the vibration of our own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The Metaphysical Chick is a master of energy. She uses ancient wisdom gathered in lifetimes across the Universe to create crystal jewelry pieces that hold the most powerful, activating, light frequencies.

the mind of a starseed

The Metaphysical Chick shares her perspective on the healing power of crystals, spirituality, humanity, extraterrestrials, religion, wellness and much more!

“Step forward as a member of the Family of Light; have the courage in all the days you walk this planet to live that light and to share that light will all you encounter.”

Barbara Marciniak


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