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ANKHING Guided Meditation Practice

ANKHING Guided Meditation Practice

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I took the liberty of making a few changes to the Ankhing with the Orgasm practice as given to us by Drunvalo in his book The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life. My intention was to turn this into a guided meditation that we could do without having to engage in sexual intercourse or masturbation. During this journey, we are stepping into a state of consciousness of ecstatic bliss, lighting up the sexual fire through breath, and harnessing that energy to circulate it throughout the ankh conduit within the body to rejuvenate our cells and charge the physical and etheric bodies.

Please, proceed to do the guided meditation with caution. Do not try this during menstruation or if you’re pregnant. If you’ve never worked with Kundalini Energy, do not attempt. Get familiar with this energy first. Its sudden activation can result in physical discomfort, mental, spiritual, and energetic distress.

If you do this practice, make sure that you are in a good mental state, in a safe space, and with no distractions. Proceed with caution.

Includes .mp3 file with instructions and guided meditation. The digital guide is only included with the Egyptian Magick Bundle.

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