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Mintaka, Mintakan Starseeds, and the Destruction of their Planet

Mintaka is a star in the Orion constellation. It is believed that the star had a planet, perhaps more than one, revolving around its body, but was destroyed. The collective is made up of mermaid/merman and other aquatic beings like dolphins. After the fall of their beloved planet, the consciousness of some of the beings that died with the physical world and the survivors traveled to Earth. They are known to be the first or the original lightworkers.

Mintakan starseeds holding the template of trauma due to the collapse of their world carry deep sadness. I find this very similar to the Lemurian and Atlantean starseeds that lived during the collapse of their own civilizations.

The Quantum Perspective

The Mintakan collective's planet was destroyed, but the essence exists in the higher realms. What I feel is that what was destroyed is the 3D, 4D, perhaps 5D aspect of this planet (this is from our linear or human perspective/reality.) The 6th, 7th, 8th-dimensional aspects (and higher) remain active. Now, from a quantum perspective, many potentials and timelines exist. I feel that what I was tuning into when creating this necklace was the reality in which this collective continued to evolve in their beautiful planet. The quantum field is something I'm still trying to understand, but what I do know is that so much more exists that the human mind is not able to understand due to conditioning. If we really expand the mind to see what we've never been taught, everything shifts! There's so much!

Crystals for Mintakan Starseeds

StilbiteThe name "stilbite" derives from he Greek word "stilbein" meaning "to shine." This is a beautiful crystal of compassion and divine love frequencies.

  • Heart, third eye and crown chakra connection
  • Healing Vibrations
  • Helps with releasing emotional pain and trauma
  • Clarity
  • Guidance
  • Direction
  • Intuition
  • Accelerates Spiritual Growth
  • Accelerates Spiritual Growth
  • Connection to the Angelic and higher realms
  • Creativity
  • Expansion
  • Dreamwork
  • Joy
  • Passion
  • Uplifting
  • Manifestation

ApophylliteI see the Apophyllite crystal as a conductor of pure light. It is known as "the spiritual advisor" stone because of its vibrational connection to Source.

  • Infuses the light body with high vibrational energy
  • Stimulates the third eye, heart and crown chakras
  • Helps clear energetic blockages
  • Cleansing
  • Uplifting


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