The Reason Starseeds Experience Physical Discomfort and the Emotional Root of Disease

The Reason Starseeds Experience Physical Discomfort and the Emotional Root of Disease

The one thing most starseeds have in common is ascension symptoms or physical discomfort. Why? Because of the dense frequencies of planet Earth.

Many starseeds are here for the very first time.

Being human, having a physical body, and engaging with others who lack depth and spiritual connection is new to many.

Adjusting to a 3-dimensional planet when the memory of a higher-dimensional experience lingers is hard.

Many of us have grown up believing that we have to endure pain and that we have to find comfort in discomfort.

Take me for example. I have always experienced digestion issues and ringing in the ears. Additionally, in the past five years, I developed severe environmental allergies, which usually lead to inflammation and sinus infections. It is very uncomfortable, and I learned to ride the waves of discomfort, but this isn't the way it has to be. I don't have to suffer. I can heal the allergies. I can achieve perfect health. But how so? Is healing the physical body truly possible?


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In 2023, I learned that the physical discomfort I feel almost daily is the result of repressed emotions and unresolved trauma.

In biodecodification there are three main things that take place right before disease manifests in the body.

  1. Something unexpected happens.
  2. The experience is stressful, which shocks your nervous system.
  3. You face the experience (trauma) alone. You speak to no one about it. Everything that you feel and think, you keep to yourself.

For me, the allergies manifested after a period of extreme sadness. I experienced something traumatic. It was a very stressful time that shocked my nervous system. I went through it alone. I told no one about my feelings. So as you can probably tell, I definitely check all the boxes lol

What I understand now, after months of introspection is that the purpose of the traumatic experience was to open pandora’s box, to help me access layers of trauma that remained in the unconscious part of my being.

One thing I want to mention before diving deeper is the following…
Anything that causes emotional distress generates trauma. What I experienced isn’t what many would consider traumatic, however, for me it was. So keep that in mind. I brushed things off quickly because I felt like such a drama queen. Like, “how dare you feel all these emotions?” But deep inside, my body, mind and heart were processing trauma. And seeing things as they truly are makes the biggest difference when healing.

The Metaphysical Chick Heart Activation


The heartbreak of 2018-2020 broke me open. This experience taught me the art of feeling consciously. I’ve always been a very sensitive and emotional person, but never actually thought about the emotions, it was all very unconscious. And this is part of the dissociation many starseeds experience. Yes, we are here, but so disconnected from the body and everything that makes us human. And this is because we just don’t know how to be human. Actually, we are here learning the art of being human. Because it’s an art! One that takes a while to master.

This traumatic experience I keep referencing shocked my system, it did a lot of “harm”, but it also took away some of the distractions. Before, my mind was all over the place. Clarity was so foreign and unattainable. But when my system was shocked by the depth of all the emotions, I had no other choice but to feel and analyze them. And I think this is beautiful because it taught me how to, again, be a human with emotions. I come from a field of consciousness or collective that doesn’t have such a wide range of emotions, and I’m sure many of you will resonate with this. Many of you that follow my sharings are also here as humans for the very first time. And we go about life, at least until our late twenties, not really knowing what to do with the heaviness we feel inside. We don’t know how to process energy in a physical way. And so, eventually, the energetic blockages generated by repressed emotions start making themselves known in our body though a variety of physical symptoms and even disease.

Lets, for a moment, dive into the main point of origin of trauma for me. And again, I am sharing my story because I feel this is something many of you have also experienced.

The one memory I always go back to when soul searching to understand the root of the allergies is of a meeting that took place in the Pleiades. I actually have a video about this, so check it out for a more detailed recollection of it. But in short, I always see myself in a massive room, surrounded by other-worldly beings. And the main point of conversation in this meeting is Earth. We’re all talking about what is happening in the planet and how we can be of assistance to humanity. The main leader, I believe he was a version of who many see as Commander Ashtar, but all of this is hazy. I don’t have all the details. Regardless, I remember standing behind other beings, kind of hiding from the main being that was addressing the issues on Earth. That is until eventually the man started talking about the need for us to become human. This is because that was the only way we could actually shift the vibration of the planet. There isn’t much we can do as observers, but from within a planet, we can actually link with its frequency as one of its own, and shift it. So, the leader came up to me and said…

“You know you have to go. You know you have to do this.”

And immediately, fear was all I could sense. For the first time in what seems to be lifetimes, I felt fear. I did not want to be human.

What I understand now, and huge shoutout to Angelica for helping me decode this information! I had a session with her the other day and she presented information in a way that helped me make sense of everything I already felt. I’m going to leave her information here so you can check her out and book a session. Highly recommend her quantum healing work!

Anyways, what I understand now is that the reason I felt so much fear the moment I was told I needed to become human is because I was being forced to leave my zone of comfort. Again, I was in the Pleiades processing past trauma. At the moment of the meeting, I was actually doing great. I was happy. I had a life as a Pleiadian woman that was full of love and excitement, joy. I had no worries. All I knew was bliss. So when this being told me I had to be one of the volunteers, I felt so angry! I felt like I had no choice, like he was taking away my peace, my life. I lost all control, or at least that’s how it felt. And even though I did end up making the choice to be here myself, this moment in time generated an immense amount of resentment and anger.

“I was so happy with my life in the Pleiades. How fucking dare you take that away from me! My peace. My joy. My life.” 

That’s kind of what it felt like. However, analyzing all of this, I see how this had to take place. I had to become human so that I could keep expanding and growing as a spiritual being. Life in the Pleiades was great! A heavenly paradise. But I wasn’t learning anything new. And actually, I had a lot to share with others. I feel that the reason I was approached by this being is because he believed in me. He believed that I had the knowledge or wisdom to assist other’s who’ve experienced similar trauma. And at the time, when all I could feel was fear, I had no self-belief. I had no self-confidence. And so, I was angry.

But what is the link between this past life experience and the allergies I now experience? Well, I entered this field of consciousness resenting my choice of becoming human. And I feel that this resentment and anger were hidden for a while or repressed by my conscious mind. However, after the trauma I experienced in 2018-2020, my heart woke up, and I believe this allowed everything that has hidden to resurface. And so, the anger, frustration, and resentment, because I was not consciously feeling them, found a way out of my system through physical discomfort. I became allergic to the world I so desperately feared. It’s like my body started fighting with what it perceived as a threat. And even though I love nature and became such good friends with her, the unresolved trauma became manifest.

And this is where more anger and frustration and resentment come into the picture. Not only did I feel all of these emotions because of the perception I had of the meeting that took place in the Pleiades, but also because the allergies took away what I loved most about this planet.

Because of the extreme sensitivity to the environment, I was no longer able to spend one on one time with nature. Nature was so healing in 2019-2020. I learned to drive because I wanted to constantly be surrounded by trees and birds and sunshine. The wind and plant kingdom were my friends. I loved daily walks with the elementals. And losing this one thing, during the most difficult time in my life I must add, generated so much anger. It felt like, once again, the one thing that gave me peace was being taken away from me. But here’s what I learned…

Everything that I loved so dearly, nature and life in the Pleiades, weren’t taken a way from me as a form of punishment, but a push towards soul expansion. Just as I was comfortable in the Pleiades, I too was very comfortable with escaping reality by becoming one with nature. These two places were my comfort zone. My peace, yes. But zones of comfort. And because of how comfortable I was, they were no longer helping me expand and reach higher states of consciousness.

Pleiades granted me the space to heal when I needed it most. Nature offered support and reminded me of unity and wholeness during the most difficult part of my human life.

And that was their purpose. They did for me what they were supposed to. And so, eventually, I had to experience the loss of that to find myself completely. With nature for example, as beautiful and healing as it may have been, it was a form or distraction and escapism for me. I was feeling everything but not really understanding what I was feeling. So time in isolation, away from distractions, allowed me to feel everything in the body. I was forced to become one with my humanity. And this all happened because of the manifestation of allergies.

So as you can see, it’s all connected and purposeFULL. We don’t just suffer randomly, it’s all a divine plan to redirect our crooked paths.

The moment physical symptoms show up in the body is the moment true healing takes place.

When the body is experiencing trauma, it enters survival mode so that we can keep pushing. But once we pause, take a moment to heal, and feel, the cells in our body start regenerating. Our parasympathetic system returns to balance. We finally come back to the body, and BAM! We are hit by the train of discomfort. Before, we were dissociating and disconnecting from the body. Now, we're back in the body and we feel it all. So it isn't necessarily, in some cases, that we are getting sick when we feel discomfort, but a sign that we are finally healing.


I grew up rejecting the body. I've always been a bigger girl, and in childhood experienced lots of bullying because of it. But there is a deeper layer of truth that I recently uncovered. Not only did I reject the body because of my weight and the bullying, but because of the limitations. As I began to activate my starseed blueprint, I discovered that being human, having a physical body, was new. I've been on Earth before, but never in a body within a collective experience that holds such dense frequencies. The body is a divine manifestation of Source energy. However, the matrix we are born into immediately hacks the body and lowers its vibration. For what purpose? To keep it from activating fully.

The starseed that comes into this reality as a volunteer, or as RA from the Law of One calls them, Wanderers (Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow), are beings that hold 4-6th density consciousness. We are free spirits traveling the infinite universes. Many of us, before coming to Earth, did not have a physical body. Some may have had a body but it was lighter, more vibrant and lived in a field of immortality. So the collective program of Earth feels constricting, oppressive, and very limiting. And these feelings can be very unconscious. We don’t really understand what is happening with us, why we have such a hard time being humans, and so we fall into a depression. We isolate ourselves from the world, not to heal but to escape. And this is our number one mistake. Yes, take time in isolation, but do so to feel and heal, to get to know yourself better, not to escape a physical reality you are now part of.

We are here, in planet Earth, by choice I must add, to be human. To uplift the vibration of the core of the Mother, yes, but also to master our humanity. The body isn’t a vessel that was designed to limit our infinity, but a vessel of endless potential that is meant to harness energy and unleash it in a way that works in a 3-dimensional reality. There’s no limitation here. There simply are different forms of expressing what we recognize as infinite.

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