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Conversations with Ascended Master Yeshua | "I was Human too" | Part 2

Me: How were you able to integrate such powerful divine frequencies without your physical body crashing? Did you ever feel like the energy you were anchoring was too much?

Master Yeshua Speaks

"I am no different than you. Remember, I was human too."

“The truth is that the human body is not accustomed to such high, divine frequencies. This is something that has to be re-awakened. The energy has to be resurrected within the genetic coding of the human, because the human indeed once walked the Earth without energetic restrictions and spiritual limitations.”

Yeshua went on to explain to me how the years he spent traveling before he started teaching is the time in which he was able to work through the blockages of the human. He learned from the masters of his time and remained committed as well as consistent with his spiritual practices such as meditation, breath work, yoga, fasting, other forms of energy work and isolation. It was in solitude that he was able to rebuild his strength. Another thing that he mentioned was the divine union with his feminine counterpart Mary Magdalene.

“The feminine is an infinite source of raw energy. The masculine or man cannot generate the energy that the feminine embodiment is able to create through her human anatomy and energetic centers.

The woman is the womb. The man is he who fertilizes the seeds that already exist in the womb. Everything that has been and will ever be lies in the womb of the Creation Mother.”

This was said in reference to the Alchemical practice of sex magic. Both Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were trained in this Ancient Egyptian Practice.

I asked him these questions because every time I integrate new energy, my body crashes. I simply wanted to get his perspective.

What I love about Yeshua is the humbleness of his being. We all see him and other Masters as entities that are greater than life. But when they show up, they always see themselves as our equals. Beloved, I am no better than you. I am a reflection of your own divine light. I AM YOU.”

Yeshua channeled by Miroslava Casiano || The Metaphysical Chick

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