Black Cat Spiritual Meaning: Bad Luck or Alchemy & Magick?

Black Cat Spiritual Meaning: Bad Luck or Alchemy & Magick?

During my walk in the forest, I found a rock with a painting of a black cat on it. This happened back in the month of October. I was looking for feathers to include in the packages I ship for my metaphysical jewelry, and instead found the rock. So I really believed this was a gift from the universe. Meant to be, you know? As I picked it up, immediately I felt a bit of fear and I think this is because of the misconceptions and distortion around black cats. I started thinking that it could possibly be an omen of bad luck or a black magick spell of some witch. But holding on to the rock, I felt excitement, joy, adventure, good vibes. So I kept it.

Now, here’s the fun part….

As I was walking, about 20-30 mins after picking up the rock, I twisted my ankle and scrapped my left knee pretty badly after a hilarious yet nasty fall. It’s been YEARS since I’ve taken a fall! YEARS!!! So immediately, as you can imagine, the black cat came to mind. “Is this actually bringing bad luck? Am I being cursed?” These were all thoughts running through my head, I was laughing my ass off cause it was funny, but freaked me out a bit. I was going to take the rock back to the place in which I found it but I felt the pull to bring it home with me. So I did.

The Black Cat: Bad Luck?

According to, “the black cat spirit suggests you focus more on your personal power and how you use it. Black cats know magic, and this spirit animal is more than happy to assist your studies in that realm.” Now, how f*cking amazing is this? I am literally working on creating witchy crystal jewelry for my metaphysical shop and there he is, showing up to guide me as I get things going. Fascinating!

Personally, what I feel tuning into the energy of the black cat now is that it is far from being an omen of bad luck. Black cats actually bring good luck but because we are so attached to the things we may lose or fail at during the interaction with black cats, we fail to realize the true meaning behind the loss or failure. Those things are not meant to be part of your experience, and in order for whatever is truly meant to be yours, the old has to go! 

I also believe that black cats show up not to bring bad luck but because you are going through a period of “karmic payback.” This isn’t something that happens all the time, but when you do experience bad luck or turmoil, it’s not the cat that brought it to you. The energy around you is what is calling the spirit of this animal or could also be manifesting as the distorted aspect of the black cat.

The reason I experienced wild things after my black cat encounter isn't bad luck but resistance. Also, I kept generating ideas in my mind, thinking that this black cat brought bad luck that the distorted aspect of this spirit animal manifested. I feel that because I have now cleared the distortion from my field, I can actually enjoy the magick of this powerful animal totem. And now, as I hold the rock with the painting of the black cat in my hands, all I feel is excitement, for the magick that brews as the moon grows brighter is nothing short of… marvelous.

Black Cats: Magick & Alchemy

What I also feel tuning into the energy of the black cat is ALCHEMY. The crystal that comes to mind is obsidian. Now, I’ve been working with obsidian for many months now, and it’s pretty much the same energy. To me, obsidian feels very feminine, more so than black tourmaline. Actually, black tourmaline to me is full-on masculine energy. I like using obsidian to alchemize energy.

"Alchemy is a system of chemical transformations that alchemists used in an attempt to turn base metals into precious metals."

"All alchemy, regardless of its origins, requires three elements— 1) something to be transformed, 2) a vessel to contain the alchemical reactions and 3) a source of energy." Source: Tom Kenyon

Internal Alchemy

"Internal Alchemy is a system of working internally to transform “elements of the psyche” and to change base energies (symbolized as lead) into psychological and spiritual illumination (symbolized by gold)."

"In all internal alchemies the three fundamental elements are—1) that which is to be transformed, (i.e., the psychological and spiritual dross of the individual, meaning those aspects of the psyche that prevent personal illumination), 2) that which contains the alchemical transformation (i.e., the subtle energy body of the individual) and 3) a source of energy, which is often—but not always—a form of subtle energy drawn from other dimensions of consciousness." Source: Tom Kenyon

The witch's familiar is a powerful symbol of alchemy and a manifestation of the void. They do not repel “negative energy,” but take lower vibrational frequencies and transform them. This is an alchemical process that takes place internally. The black cat rejects nothing. It lives in the void. In the shadows. In darkness. It is the master of the unseen, therefore rejecting that which it masters would be a rejection of itself.

Meeting My Black Cat Spirit Animal in Magical Forest

Before I close today’s conversation, I want to share a quick meditation experience tuning into my black cat spirit animal.

In a magical forest, walking down a path, I came encountered a black cat. The cat greeted me and led me to a beautiful, witchy-looking tree. What I remember is in the trunk of the tree, seeing a door. I stepped in with the black cat, and after a few moments, entered a room. I eventually learned that this was my room. My “witchy room.”

As I continued to explore this "witchy room", I came across a fireplace. Laying on its mantel, I could see a selenite sphere, an amethyst pyramid, and an obsidian sphere. I held on to the obsidian and immediately felt a rush of energy in my physical body. It was crazy! I then looked around and was told that this was my safe space to conjure spells and learn magick. It was amazing! Highly recommend meditating with the intention of meeting your very own black cat spirit guide. This is especially powerful if you see yourself as a witch or resonate with that archetype.

In Conclusion

I feel more at peace now, trusting that this magical being is showing up to guide me. If you know about astrology, you’ll probably understand this, but my progressed moon has recently shifted to Pisces. My Saturn return is happening pretty soon (early next year) also in the sign of Pisces, in the 8th house. And I believe my progressed moon will also be in the 8th house around that time. So yeah! Divine timing. I’m a bit anxious, I have to admit, but definitely excited to see how far I go.

So my friend, do you agree with the perspectives I shared about the black cat? Have you encountered a black cat in real life or in spirit? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear about your experiences with this magical creature!

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