5 Signs That Prove You Are Channeling - You are not making things up!

5 Signs That Prove You Are Channeling - You are not making things up!

People have increasingly grown interested in all things spiritual. Tons are coming out of the shadows of the unconscious, tuning in to a higher force, opening up to the idea of intelligent life outside our planet. And because of this shift in consciousness, more and more people are beginning to access extraterrestrials, angels, elementals, and even God. It’s honestly amazing! So today, in this article, I want to open up the conversation on the subject of channeling. I believe this is a powerful time to do this because we are beginning to receive communication from inter-dimensional and/or extra-dimensional beings. And because of this sudden link, many are beginning to question whether the information they receive is legit or perhaps simply a creation of their imagination. So, let’s dive in! Here are 5 signs or things to pay attention to that prove you are indeed channeling.

1.) Notice Energetic Shifts in Your Body

Usually, during the process of channeling, our energetic field shifts its vibrational signature to link with higher dimensional beings. We don’t get to the exact frequency they embody because, let’s be honest, they are way ahead of us, but we can definitely meet them halfway. So we often raise our frequency a bit, and they (whoever you are tuning into) lower their frequency enough to meet us where we are at. Teamwork.

Once the link with higher dimensional beings is established, we begin to energetically merge, which creates an even greater shift within our field. So when you are channeling, notice temperature changes. Oftentimes, I get extremely hot when channeling. Especially my face! You may get body chills. I find this to be confirmation when I can put pieces of whatever information they are sharing with me together. This also happens when I receive powerful insights/downloads.

2.) Notice Physical Changes in Your Body

Along with the energetic changes come physical changes. For example, when people channel energies that are of higher vibration, they tend to burp a lot or experience some sort of gastric problem. Nothing crazy but noticeable enough. Hiccups can also be a sign that you are channeling. The big ones for me are dizzinesslightheadedness, and ringing in my ears (high-pitched tones). I have to take a nap after an hour of channeling! It’s exhausting! lol

3.) Notice the Way Thoughts Show Up

What I’ve found in my channeling experience is that thoughts come out of nowhere. Information just flows. I don’t have to think about anything. In fact, most times, I don’t even ask questions. I simply allow whoever to share whatever they feel I am ready to hear. So if you are not even thinking and suddenly a thought or visual (that’s a big one for me) pops in your mind, you’re definitely tuning in to some consciousness out there.

Also, other than thoughts and visuals, I recently started receiving smells and sometimes sounds. So definitely pay attention. And don’t overthink it. You’ll know if what you are receiving is coming from an external source. You’ll feel it. So open your heart and allow information to flow.

Tip: Whenever information is coming in, give yourself a few minutes to tune in to the feeling that it generates. If it generates confusion, let it go. You’re not ready to access the codes that are being transmitted, or perhaps your ego is the one generating information. If you feel at peace, uplifted, and inspired, embrace the information. It doesn’t have to make sense. Write it down and come back to it at a later time to understand it better. That usually helps.

4.) Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Another thing that can help you establish whether you are channeling or not is the happenings in your surroundings. For example, when I channel higher dimensional beings, I often see flashes of light in my peripheral vision. It’s very trippy but so validating. Also, pay attention to shadows. I often see “shadow people” moving around whichever room I am in whenever I am channeling. It’s pretty cool! I was afraid at the beginning because of movies and societal conditioning. You know, cause ghosts are scary, and demons are out to get you. But because of the healing I’ve done and new ways of thinking and being, I no longer fear lower-density beings. Do they exist? Sure. In a reality, I no longer choose to be part of.

5.) Loss of Body Control and/or Consciousness

This doesn’t happen to everyone, but some people when channeling do lose control of their body. It’s like their consciousness takes a step back, allowing an external force to come in and utilize their physical body in order to communicate with those in this dimensional plane. For example, Darryl Anka. He is a powerful channel of an Essassani being called Bashar. If you watch his videos, you can see how his behavior immediately changes as this other consciousness comes in. It’s fascinating! This doesn’t happen to me. I am very much conscious and in control of my body during the entire channeling process. Actually, what happens is the following…

I activate my heart portal, link to whatever or whoever is wanting to share a message, and listen to what they are saying. It’s like I am “face to face” with them and am relaying their message to you. So most of the time I am simply sharing with you what I see, hear, and feel when receiving visuals from other consciousnesses.


I believe that each of you is fully capable of channeling God, Extraterrestrials, and other higher-dimensional beings. The channelers you watch or follow on social media are no better. Perhaps we are more open to the link with these other consciousnesses, but this is something you are totally able to establish.

If you were already stepping into channeling but weren't sure if you were doing it right, I hope this article granted some clarity. If you don’t experience any of these things, it doesn’t mean you are not tuning into other consciousnesses. Everyone is different. What I shared is what I have personally experienced.


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