Miroslava Casiano The Metaphysical Chick Starseed Coach


Empowering perspectives, activating channelings, tools, and personal sharings of a once tortured starseed.

I’ve known for years that my mission in life is to UPLIFT people. Not to heal them or change them, but to INSPIRE a change of mind and heart. And in order for me to be able to help others, I first had to help myself.

The process of mastering my many selves (there’s a lot of me 😁) was tedious and slow. It required a lot of patience and trust. I would often say to myself, “and who the fuck do you think you are to dream so big?” But you know what? I kept pushing. I kept believing. I held on to the only thing I had…HOPE.

I LIVE for myself but also for the people. And if my journey INSPIRES one person, my LIFE is fulfilled. I AM ALL YOURS.

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✓ Starseed Empowerment

✓ Channeled Activations

✓ Tools & Practices for Grounding Your Big MAGIC

✓ Guidance on How to Embrace Your Humanity

✓ Personalized 1:1 Support


What is a starseed?

I see starseeds as souls or consciousnesses that are not of Earthly origin. These are beings that came to this planet from other star systems, universes, and higher dimensional fields of existence.

Why are starseeds on Earth?

My belief is that many starseeds are here to raise the frequency of the planet by becoming one with it.

But that's not it.

I also believe that starseeds are here to experience physicality, to experience emotions and all that comes with being human. So although we do not like physicality and the dense energy of this planet, we are here to live it and learn from it.


Hello, Starseed! The ability to book 1:1 coaching sessions with me will soon be available on this page. In the meantime, let me know if you'd be interested in receiving support from me. You'll be the first to know when this service is fully active :)

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