White Buffalo Woman Speaks – Moving Through Chaos with Faith – The World is Changing

I can see White Buffalo Woman descending from the heavens saying, "Faith is knowing that whatever happens, the path remains clear for you to flourish."

mary magdalene crystals

Use These 3 Crystals To Connect with Mary Magdalene and The Order of Magdalena

Mary Magdalene is a powerful guide for women and men dealing with wounds surrounding feminine oppression and repression. Ruby, the heart stone...


Persephone: Queen of the Underworld and Goddess of Spring + The Lesson of Light and Shadow Integration

Persephone is the Queen of the Underworld and wife of Hades. Daughter of Demeter and Zeus. Goddess of Spring that symbolizes innocence, purity, beauty and fertility. She is the maiden...

Goddess Isis

Meeting Goddess Isis In Ancient Egyptian Temple and The High Priest/Priestess Initiation

Once the initiate completes his/her High Priest(ess) initiation, the initiate is met by the Ultimate High Priest or Priestess. In my case, the energy that showed up was Goddess Isis...