karmic soulmates, soulmates and twin flames

Karmic Soulmates, Soulmates, and Twin Flames | The Great Teachers

We tend to organize this group of soul connections in three different categories, but the intention, the purpose of these beings is ONE...Sometimes things happen that are not addressed or expressed...


Huge Cosmic Gateway Activation and Extraterrestrial Guides *Cosmic Buddies*

When I tune into the energy, I can feel galactic beings gathering around the planet physically, so in their spaceships but also energetically, spiritually. It is like they know something is coming...


White Buffalo Woman Speaks – Moving Through Chaos with Faith – The World is Changing

I can see White Buffalo Woman descending from the heavens saying, "Faith is knowing that whatever happens, the path remains clear for you to flourish."

CONVERSATIONS WITH ASCENDED MASTER YESHUA (PART 2) “I am no different than you. Remember, I was human too.”

“The truth is that the human body is not accustomed to such high, divine frequencies. This is something that has to be re-awakened. The energy has to be resurrected within the genetic coding of the human, because the human indeed once walked the Earth without energetic restrictions and spiritual limitations.”