The Metaphysical Chick taps into the Akashic field, sees a soul’s energetic blueprint, and creates a digital portrait that showcases the aspect(s) that is/are most wanting to be acknowledged. The intention of these portraits is to help people understand and consciously integrate the galactic, angelic, and/or interdimensional aspects that simultaneously exist along with this human incarnation.

The portraits usually take about 2 weeks to complete. The Metaphysical Chick will stay in touch with you throughout the process to keep you updated.

What do I have to do to get a portrait?

All The Metaphysical Chick needs from you are a few of your favorite pictures. The better the quality of the images, the more detail she is able to add to the portrait. Make sure you are the only person in the image and that it is not heavily edited. The Metaphysical Chick will enhance the colors and, at times, she also manipulates physical features to capture the energetics.

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Angelica’s Connection to 9th Dimensional Solar Beings

9th Dimensional Solar Beings

Angelica is an ancient soul that has mastered many galactic frequencies but what I’ll be discussing today is her connection to beings that reside within the Sun’s 9th-dimensional aspect.

The sun, any star for that matter, is a powerful stargate or portal to higher dimensions. The stars hold frequencies that humans and many galactic beings cannot access due to the lack of understanding and mastery of their own, individual frequency. If we were to get near the sun now, at this current energetic vibration, we would instantly die because the version we see of the sun is in alignment with the rest of our known Universe, and our known Universe is a match to our 3-dimensional existence. In order to pass through this portal, we must raise our energetic frequency to “meet” these stargates at a more “comfortable” vibration. You cannot go from one dimension to another without first triggering some sort of energetic shift.

When I first began to receive information and tapped into the vibration of these Solar Beings, I was overwhelmed with confusion. It was difficult for me to fully understand their energy because my mind is still existing in a 3-dimensional plane, navigating this reality at the 4th-5th-6th density. So, it’s difficult to put what I’m feeling into words, but I’m doing my best 🙂

When I was connecting with these beings, I began to refer to them as “Sun God.” I first thought this was the energy of the sun itself, but they quickly came in and said, “No. WE are not Gods.”

They came in as a collective of souls and not just one individual.
They believe that at the highest level, we all are God, but still remain just below that “God frequency” and maintain a sense of individuality. A group of souls that is so closely connected at the level in which they are could indeed be referred to as “ONE,” but for some reason, they wanted to make it clear that they are a collective of ascended souls.

As I mentioned, they are just below the “God-consciousness” and have chosen to remain at that density to continue “descending” in an “easier” way into the lower planes. There are not many of these souls currently incarnated on Earth or other worlds, but you can still find a few souls that carry these frequencies. Many carry the energetics of these souls prior to their ascension to the 9th dimension, while others did actually make the choice to descend to our current reality and assist in humanity’s own ascension process.


  • Pure LIGHT, non-physical
  • Love Unconditionally
  • Non-Judgmental
  • Ascended Warriors of Golden Light
  • Androgynous (neither male nor female)

You can tap into their energy by connecting to our physical sun and sunflowers. All plant life holds powerful sun frequencies, but sunflowers are the physical manifestation of these ascended solar beings.

Now, back to Angelica! We are multidimensional beings, which means that along with this 3-dimensional experience, we are also experiencing life in other dimensions. And this solar frequency is showing up as one of Angelica’s multidimensional selves. So, in a different now moment, Angelica is part of this higher collective of ascended light beings.

Galactic Hybrid Human


This Soul Blueprint Portrait was a bit of a different experience for me! Usually, I focus only on one aspect because the intention is to help whoever is receiving the image activate that aspect within themselves without feeling overwhelmed. But, with Aurora, it felt a little different. I was guided to share a lot more.


  • Pleiades
  • Sirius (Dolphin Connection)
  • Andromeda
  • Lemuria
  • Atlantis
  • Inner Earth (The Agatha Network)
  • Grey/Zeta
  • Hybrids

I’m sure there’s a lot more, but these are the energies I feel are wanting to be acknowledged at the moment. Our souls are entering a rapid stage within the ascension process, we are activating lost aspects and integrating those energetics within our conscious mind. So, many of us are receiving massive amounts of information and are having to make sense of it with our human brain. Not so easy! lol

Aurora has very strong ties to dolphins. If you look at the image, you can see that I added a spaceship beaming up a dolphin from the water. (I do these images very intuitively. Sometimes, at the moment, I am not fully aware of what I’m doing. Once the image is complete, I look over it and kind of shock myself a little bit lol) At first, I was like, “maybe this is how the dolphins were placed on Earth?” And yes! It’s a way of putting this into perspective, but the guidance I received is that it’s actually showing their planet or environment. So this scenery is not on Earth. I feel that she is connected to the Dolphin consciousness or somehow was involved with the group of beings that brought that consciousness into the Earth. So the image of the spacecraft and the dolphin is not to be taken literally, although that could’ve actually happened, but rather seen as a demonstration of what energetically took place.

I also received very strong energy of Inner Earth, the Agartha Network. I feel that an aspect of Aurora is currently experiencing life inside the Earth. We are multidimensional beings, so we do exist in multiple dimensions at once, and Inner Earth is actually a 4th-5th dimensional plane.

I also felt the Andromeda energy. I am not very familiar with this consciousness but definitely feel plays a big role in her life. She is also connected to the Pleiades, and I feel this is what ties her to Lemuria and Atlantis.

Another cool energy I feel is the hybrids. I see her as the mother of hybrid children but also as a hybrid herself. Which, I mean, all humans are hybrids, but this energy is very strong in her field.

Overall, the energy I feel is so high vibrational! Definitely powerful star connections.


Crystal Child

“Yayyy! Thank you so much for doing his blue print. It opened my eyes even more on how magical he is and how I can learn from him and support him lovingly who he is!! I don’t know if I told you but I felt the urge to call him Chris, didn’t know why at the time… when he was born I felt he had something to do with embodying the Christ Consciousness on Earth! Thank you so so so so much!!”


Galactic Ambassador

galactic ambassador

“Hi there Miroslava, wow! Yeah, just read it. Gonna have to re-read that a few times to let it all sink in, but it all definitely resonates. Thank you once again, i love the pictures too! That beautiful indigo color has always been my favorite color!

Right, I’m off to read and stare at it all again!”


Lyran Warrior Angel

“I am in love with it!!! The portrait is beyond amazing!!! Someone once told me I was an earth angel so this makes total sense. I feel this as well. And deep down I always wondered about Lyra! I had a vision once of being in deep dark galactic space with visions of lions! At the time I didn’t understand it! I am so humbled and grateful! Thank you for this! Ties it together more. I feel very blessed. You are amazing!”


A world of magic

“The work you did with my Soul Portrait was truly amazing, it all just makes so much sense and now me connecting to Isis. Thank you for paving the way siSTAR!!! Love you!!! Love you!!!!!!”


Miroslava incarnated on Earth as a clear channel of Ancient Wisdom. She is here a messenger of Divine Love and Spiritual Truths. High Priestess of the Earth and Cosmos. Healer. Mystic. Alchemist. Physical Embodiment of Sophia, THE GODDESS.