The intention for this 1:1 session is to help you awaken to the magic that already exists inside of you. Most people focus so much energy on the external, completely disconnecting from the power that lies within. So, in this session, Miroslava holds sacred space so that you feel safe in sharing your truth, fears, doubts, joys, everything!

* She helps you understand the energetic blockages by bringing attention to the lessons currently unfolding.

* She brings messages from your guides (ancestors, star beings, etc) to help you align to your higher self and destiny.

This session is meant to activate your energy in preparation to embark on your soul mission. Miroslava is not here to heal or save you, she is here to give you the tools so that you can take your power back and heal yourself. “I’m a guide, not a savior. You hold the power!”

1 Hr. Session: $111

Phone Call via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
Payment: Paypal or CashApp

Galactic Hybrid Human


This human reality is only one of many physical and non-physical experiences our souls have agreed to be part of. So, if you think all you are is human, then you’re in for a big surprise!

SOUL BLUEPRINT PORTRAITS are done 100% intuitively. Miroslava dives into the Akashic field to retrieve important information relating to a person’s energetic signature. The soul has existed in many dimensional planes, what Miroslava does is bring the energy or aspects that are most wanting to be acknowledged at this point on the person’s Earth journey.

The portraits showcase a soul’s magical, galactic, earthy, angelic, and or interdimensional essence.

Along with the digital portrait, you also receive a document with detailed information and channeled messages regarding your soul’s blueprint.

Digital Portrait: $60
Payment: Paypal or CasApp

Witch The Metaphysical Chick

messages from spirit

These are channeled messages brought to you via video. Share one thing you are struggling with, a question you have regarding career, soul purpose, love (twin flame journey) and Miroslava provides spiritual guidance via video. She sits with spirit, uses tarot/oracle cards if needed, and brings you messages in a 15 min video.

1 Question: 15 min – $25
*the video is pre-recorded

Payment: Paypal or CashApp



All crystals hold a specific energetic structure that can be used to enhance the vibration of the human energetic field. We are spiritual beings living a human experience, and not the other way around. Everything is energy.

Miroslava, The Metaphysical Chick, mastered energy manipulation and crystal healing in Sirius and Atlantis. What she has done is integrate the knowledge gained through lifetimes of experience in different star nations within this human incarnation. Everything she’s ever been is condensed within this human form.

Crystal Magick is a form of Alchemy that focuses on the energetic structure of crystals and other metals…


“It’s so joyful and sparkling watching your messages. thank you.”

Beloved Sister, I wish you all Love and Joy.

I am deeply grateful for the music you showed me. I bought the CD and I am listening to it every day (my 12 y old daughter loves it too). The last weeks (but definitely since new moon) have been challenging as I feel so weak. Listening and singing to this music helps me every day to reconnect with my heart and something deep inside.

I love you! It is so joyful and sparkling watching your messages. Thank you.

Julia Pehringer

Take Your Power Back 1:1 Session

“Highly recommend”

I highly recommend The Metaphysical Chick creations. Made with love and charged with purity. Still enjoying mine every day.


Crystal Necklace


Wow!! What a beautiful piece. I love it! Thank you so very much!! The necklace is so gorgeous and the energy is potent. And all the little extras you sent were so thoughtful.


Crystal Necklace

“Thank you so much”

Yayyy! Thank you so much for doing his blue print. It opened my eyes even more on how magical he is and how I can learn from him and support him lovingly who he is!!

I don’t know if I told you but I felt the urge to call him Chris, didn’t know why at the time… when he was born I felt he had something to do with embodying the Christ Consciousness on Earth! Thank you so so so so much!!


Soul Blueprint Portrait

Miroslava incarnated on Earth as a clear channel of Ancient Wisdom. She is here as a messenger of Divine Love and Spiritual Truths. High Priestess of the Earth and Cosmos. Healer. Mystic. Alchemist. Physical Embodiment of Sophia.

I help you get out of the karmic wheel so that you can move on from the physical Earth experience. Together, we’ll address the trauma, the ancestral patterns, the pain, the purpose behind those negative experiences and your soul’s mission.

Miroslava Casiano || The Metaphysical Chick