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Egyptian Magick Bundle - Guided Meditation Journeys

Egyptian Magick Bundle - Guided Meditation Journeys

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The Ankh is an Ancient Egyptian spiritual tool and symbol that has been utilized for millennia. It is known to be the "key to eternal life," and represents breath and sexual energy. All meditations and journeys in this bundle are channeled.

  • Harmonizing with the Ankh in the Void Instructions (5 minutes)
  • Harmonizing with the Ankh in the Void Meditation (28 minutes)
  • Step into Your Ankh’s Temple Meditation (20 minutes)
  • Ankhing Practice Re-imagined Instructions (3 minutes)
  • Ankhing Practice Re-imagined Meditation (17 minutes)
  • Lapis Lazuli Guardian THIRD EYE Activation (22 minutes)
  • 2 Digital Guides included with everything you need to know about the ankh and written instructions for all guided journeys, meditations, and ankh exercises.
  • BONUS Akhenaten, Nefertiti and the Aten | .mp3 audio file with all about the Pharaoh and Queen of Egypt, Channeled Messages, and Nefertiti Transmission. This is the last video and podcast episode I’ll be releasing in the series, but you can listen to it now with your purchase of the bundle :)

DISCLAIMER: These meditations are not meant to take the place of medicine. If you have neurological disorders, please do not attempt. Don't listen to guided meditations while driving or operating heavy machinery. For the Ankhing practice, do not attempt during menstruation or if pregnant. Proceed with caution.

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