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kali ma magick potion

Magick Potions & Anointing Oils

These oils are magically/energetically infused with frequencies of different deities, Gods, Goddesses, elementals, galactic consciousnesses, the sacred flames/rays, crystals, and so much more.
The Magick Potions come in a roll-on glass bottle. These can be used topically to enhance ones vibration.

The Anointing Oils come in 1 oz dropper bottles. You can use a few drops of the infused oils to anoint yourself topically, tarot/oracle cards, crystals, candles, etc.

kali ma magick potion


The intention of this potion is to bring in the energy of Goddess Kali. What I love about this potion is that it merges the dark feminine frequencies with the Mother, the lover, the nurturer. All energies Goddess Kali Ma embodies. Yes, she is the destroyer, Hindu Goddess of Death, Creation and Transformation, but she is also the Divine Mother.

I crafted this oil during a dance with the Goddess. During this dance, I became Kali. We were no longer separate, we were ONE.

Protection, Kali Archetype Activation, Alchemy of Dark and Light.

Herbs: Jasmine, Rose Petals, and Myrrh Resin.

Oils were infused in star anise, clove, cinnamon, ginger, basil, bay leaves.

Essential Oils: Myrrh, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Grapefruit, Clary Sage. Olive Oil Base.

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golden ray anointing oil


The Golden Ray is the 12th ray of Creation. It is said that this ray contains the energetic frequencies or essence of all the other rays that exist, often referred to as the ray of Christ Consciousness. It is all about Oneness with Source or Prime Creator.

The intention of this oil is to help you tune into the frequencies of the Golden Ray so that you can merge or reconnect with your Golden Self. This oil also enables conscious interaction with Golden Ray beings such as Lyrans, Elokians, Dragons, Ra, the Sun collective, Angels and Archangels, the Annunaki, and more. You can anoint yourself and objects with this oil.

Sunflower: Sun Codes
Gold Flakes: Solar Energy
Chamomile: New Beginnings
Lemon: Purification, Healing & Uplifting
Frankincense Resin: Spiritual Connection and Protection
Citrine: Golden Ray
Carrier Oil: Sunflower & Vitamin E Oil

3 Available
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30 ml glass bottle

the oracle anointing oil


This oil is especially powerful for witches, tarot & oracle readers, mediums, healers, etc. The herbs and essential oils used are all about psychic insight, intuition, and spiritual connection.

Bay Leaves
were used by High Priestesses in the Apollo temples in preparation for psychic work.
Divination ~ Psychic Connection ~ Opens the Crown Chakra ~ Third Eye Activation ~ Lucid & Prophetic Dreams

eases the mind to enable effortless flow of energy.
Spirit Connection ~ Third Eye Activation/Stimulation ~ Gentle Energy

offers protection. As we open ourselves up to receive or channel information, creating a protection bubble or shield around us is important.

Clary Sage is associated with vision. Opens the third eye in preparation for channeling or divination. Uplifts the spirit and encourages detachment from painful emotions or situations. It is said to…
Improve Mediumship ~ Increase Clairvoyance ~ Increase Confidence ~ Induce Trance & Meditative States ~ Emotional Understanding

is a powerful purifier. It cleanses your auric field to keep the energy in a high vibrational state.

Carrier Oil: Olive Oil and Grapseed Oil. 2 of each available. Plus Vitamin E Oil.

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30 ml glass bottle


How to Use

To work with the potions, simply sit in stillness holding the potion in your hands. You can also rub both hands together before grabbing the potion to create some heat. Heat can further activate the potion. Just make sure it’s body heat and not solar energy or fire. So give yourself a few minutest to calm the mind, open the heart and FEEL. Once you feel at peace or connected, roll some oil in the back of your neck, behind the ears, wrists, and third eye. Be sure to test a small area of your skin before adding the oil. Try the back of your hand.

To work with the anointing oils, follow the same process as the potions to tune into the energy and activate the oil. But with this one, you can take a few drops and anoint yourself topically. Back of the neck, behind the ears, wrists, third eye, heart center. Again, test a small area of the skin first. You can also rub a few drops of oil in your hands and take deep breaths to ease the mind and further align to whichever energy is being channeled with the oils. Use a few drops to anoint crystals, candles, wands, etc.

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