multiverse council transmission
Multiverse Council Transmission
The Multiverse Council is a collective consciousness of beings that simultaneously exist across all universes. It's like they constantly move in and out of realities but still manage to remain conscious in every single one of them. They are non-physical. This is a light language transmission to inspire remembrance of all that you've ever been. Not only in this Universe but across the multiverse.

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LYRAN Transmission
This is an empowering transmission for all starseeds. The Lyran collective shows up to remind us of our own central sun - the solar plexus. This is our personal center of power. Are you struggling with money or abundance mindset? The Lyrans also share their perspective on this subject to help you re-wire your perspective on money so that you can honor it's vibration.

Duration: 3:04 mins | Download Audio >>
High Priestess Attunement
Light language transmission to activate the High Priestess template. Listening to this transmission may trigger a soul's passage through the underworlds. Know that this is necessary. In order for the initiate to step into their roles of Priest/Priestesshood, the initiate must first step into the shadows of the unconscious. Please, consider making a donation if you find the transmission helpful 🙂 Highly appreciate your support, my friend! Donate link at the bottom of this page.

Duration: 3:30 mins | Download Audio >>

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