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kali ma magick spell jar

What is a Magick Spell Jar?

These jars are created using magical ingredients with the intention to cast a spell on oneself. Personally, I  do not believe in casting spells on other people because this creates karma. We want to always obey the law of free-will. But, putting a spell on oneself is a beautiful form of energy healing and magick.
A magick spell jar is a mix of ingredients that hold similar magical properties or harmonize well together to strengthen or activate a frequency you wish to embody or manifest in your personal life.


2 Jars with Obsidian and 2 Jars with Tourmaline Available

The first intention of this spell jar was to cast out negative entities, to help people banish dark energies, etc. But, during the process, everything shifted. My guides showed up to remind me that this would only create further division and distortion.

As I completed the creation of these spell jars, the smoke of the candle I used to seal the magick created a perfect circle or ring. Immediately, the message was that this was in reference to the sacred marriage between light and dark. A cycle that cannot be broken. Dark and light are part of the whole. Both energies are needed to achieve harmony within this and all other universes. In their raw essence, light and darkness represent the masculine and feminine polarity.

The candle I used had a white interior with a black outer shell. I bought this candle thinking it was full on black, but nothing happens by accident. This goes on to show that nothing is ever truly “negative” or “evil.” All this is, is layers upon layers of distortion, and distortion is what generates fear within the human.

“The poison becomes the antidote.” In vaccines, a bit of the virus is used to create immunity in the body. Immunity isn’t created by the rejection of the so called virus but by the acceptance of it. So, you are not rejecting darkness, you are embracing it with love and compassion.

You can use this jar in three different ways or in a way that feels good to you…

~ You can allow it to absorb whatever “negative” energy you feel around you so that it can alchemize it and turn it into it’s highest aspect by clearing the layers of distortion around it or…

~ You can utilize it to work with your own shadow aspect. Alchemize your own light and shadow. Clear the distortion from your own field or…

~ You can use it as the antidote. What I felt tuning into the energy of this jar is that there are “shadow beings” that show up as guardians. They protect those who reach out for support. The poison “darkness,” becomes the antidote “protection.” You can allow your own shadow mentors to help you harmonize your inner and outer fields so that life can become more harmonious. Personally, I have an ancestral spirit animal – the black jaguar. He is a being that navigates the underworlds, clearing distortion to alchemize the energy. I also dreamt about a black dog that did something similar, so your shadow mentor could be an animal and not a humanoid being. But all is energy and equally powerful.

Herbs: Cascarilla aka “Peace Powder,” Black/Wild Rice, Frankincense Resin, Juniper Berries, Cinnamon Essential Oil. + Black/White Candle Wax

Crystals: Obsidian Alchemizes Dark and Light and Tourmaline Grounds the Light. “Brings down the heavens.” That’s what I heard when working with the crystals. This is a very powerful form of alchemy. I see myself in a dark hole or cave pulling in light from the heavens.

Price: $30.00 plus $4.95 US Shipping


persephone magick spell jar


Do you resonate with the energy of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, Goddess of Spring and Maidenhood? This spell jar is meant to help you tune into the energy of the Goddess so that you can consciously embody the magick of the Queen and Maiden archetypes. Learn more about Persephone here >>

Herbs: Lemon Balm, Rose Petals, Lavender and Jasmine
Crystals: Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, Peridot and Selenite

kali ma magick spell jar


Kali is the Goddess of Destruction, Liberation, Death and Rebirth, Transformation. Kali is the dark feminine, an aspect that is wild, free, gives zero shits about standards and expectations, she simply flows. She moves fiercely. This jar is meant to help you tune into these frequencies so that you too can unleash the dark feminine. This jar also provides psychic protection and grounding.

Herbs: Ginger, Star Anise, Clove, Cinnamon, Bay Leaf and Sage
Crystals: Obsidian & Tourmaline

super attractor magick spell jar


This spell jar is intended to open you up to abundance. The herbs are powerful money manifestors, and allspice, for example, brings in the energy of determination to encourage souls to set and meet goals as well as say “yes” when a golden opportunity to expand arises. Great for business owners or people that simply want to see more cash flow.

Herbs: Fenugreek, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Basil, Allspice
Crystals: Citrine, Aventurine and Tiger’s Eye Price: $25.00 + $4.95 US Shipping


How to Use

To work with these jars, give yourself a moment of stillness to ground the soul into the body by connecting to your breath. Once you achieve a place of stillness, shake the jar a few times (at least three) and recite words of affirmation or words that relate to whatever the energy of the jar embodies.

Infuse the words you speak with intention. Energy flows where attention goes.

The spells within these jars are meant to activate the frequency or energetic template, archetype within a soul. Shake the jar at least once a day for as long as you intend to work on or with the specific archetype or energy.

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