During one of my channeling sessions with Yeshua, he said something about the disciples that once walked with him returning to the Earth. Now, why is this happening?

Yeshua Speaks:

“If I was to return to the Earth, the people would see me as God. The reason you are here is to show humanity how they too are able to embody the energy I embodied. You are the example of this.”

“I always showed myself to people as their equal. Me, walking amongst humanity would simply create confusion. Christ is a consciousness that all souls are able to embody, and this Christ Consciousness is the holiest of holies.”

I’ve always felt a powerful connection to Yeshua and, at one point, I loved going to church. What I’ve been able to understand is that the concept of the church isn’t negative at all. What is negative is what some have done with it due to the lack of understanding of the teachings of Yeshua, which honestly, aren’t really his. What he brought to this world is wisdom that existed even before his physical incarnation. He was simply a channel of this God frequency. And what he shared was done so in a way that would be easy for humans to understand.

The intention of this session is to gather the disciples. I do feel that something is going to happen that will shift the vibration of the church as we know it to its intended “purpose.” And as the old, distorted church collapses, a new one will be built on top of a foundation that is being laid down by the disciples. I have been able to remember parts of my lifetime with Yeshua and am being guided to help others connect the dots. Check out my video talking about Christ Consciousness, Christianity, and the Rise of the New Church. [ COMING SOON! ]

  • During this session, I will hold sacred space for you to open up about your connection with Yeshua, his lineage, Christ Consciousness, whatever you feel needs validation or explanation.
  • If you have a resistance to the words Church, Religion, Christianity, we’ll address the wounds to shift their vibration.
  • I’ll answer all the questions you have regarding Christ Consciousness.
  • Yeshua may show up, perhaps Mary Magdalene, or ancestors of that time. I’ll be sure to share any messages I receive if they come through.
  • I will close the session with a Light Language attunement.

Phone Call or Video Chat via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook Messenger

Payment: Paypal, Venmo or CashApp

1 hr – $144 The session may go over an hour, please make sure you have enough time and are not going to be distracted.



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