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Quantum Crystals


Visualization plays a huge role when it comes to quantum/energy healing. See or imagine light pulsing outwardly from the crystal, feel the vibrations. Seeing (mind/brain action) is one thing. What really activates the energetic link to the quantum field, to Source, is FEELING. The heart is the most powerful energy vortex within the human. It is the portal to all dimensional planes and God.

See your crystal(s) as an extension of Source, as aspect(s) of you, that are showing up to remind you of your true energetic signature. Everything that you wish to be already is.

I am able to consciously tap into the quantum field to download information. What I’ve realized during this “quantum dives” is that I am also able to tune into other people’s energy because WE ARE ALL ONE. Let me share how I see the quantum realm…

When I enter the quantum field, all that exist is energy and blackness, space. It is here where I see myself as sort of a neuron in the God Brain. All is ONE. Pulsing in unison. Vibrating in coherence with God.

the God brain - quantum field

My intention with these quantum jewelry pieces is to help people get comfortable with energy. You are more than just human or Pleiadian or Arcturian, YOU ARE EVERYTHING. These quantum crystals are simply tools to start consciously connecting with the many YOU’s that exist. And also serve as a link to your Soul Family 🙂

How is the Crystal Necklace Created?

You tell me what collective or energetic template you are wanting to start consciously working with and I intuitively choose the crystal and design the necklace following the flow of energy. No two necklaces I create are ever the same. I do not follow instructions or special requests. Everything is done intuitively. Please, keep this in mind when inquiring about a custom piece.

Once the crystal is wrapped, I dive into the quantum field holding the crystal in my hand, and infuse it with energy. It is here where the piece is also attuned to the frequency of the 5th dimension.

How Are the Crystals Charged?

I have learned to achieve Brain-Heart Coherence. This is a state of consciousness in which the ego ceases to exist, allowing spirit, energy fully take over.

I sit in meditation with the crystal jewelry pieces and call in my higher aspects to attune the crystals to the intended frequency. Here’s a quick story of how this first took place…

One day, while connecting to the Quantum Field for personal healing, I was guided to bring the jewelry pieces I had just created to charge them. During this process, my Arcturian, Sirian and Pleiadian aspects showed up. I saw these aspects creating sort of a triangle in front of me, placing their hands on top of the crystals. This was done to infuse the pieces with each collective’s energetic signature.

Arcturian Self: Mind-Brain
Sirian Self: Magic
Pleiadian Self: Heart

Near the end of the process of charing the crystals, I was shocked to see my Andromedan aspect (I was not conscious of this connection to the Andromeda collective before this) showing up as a ball of light, showering the crystals with the highest frequency of LOVE. What I find fascinating is that this aspect of me was not physical, it was raw, pure energy, essence, consciousness. This is the aspect of me (in this area of the Universe) that is closest to God.

Andromedan Self: Spirit

Arcturian, Sirian and Pleiadian aspects show up to infuse and balance the energetics of the crystals. The Andromedan aspect shows up at the end to anchor the light.

How Long Does It Usually Take You to Crate a Custom Piece?

I don’t like to force anything. If I’m not feeling good energetically, I simply do not create anything. I make sure my energy is aligned and free of distortion.

I ask that people give me 5-14 days to complete and ship package. If the crystal I am guided to use is not in my inventory, I have to order it and this extends the fulfillment time. But, the wait is worth it! I make sure to keep you updated throughout the process.

Payment Information

I am currently working on creating an etsy shop, but for now, all payments are handled through PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp.

Fill out the form below to request a custom piece. Miroslava will contact you with link to payment or answers to your questions. Price of custom pieces vary from $50.00 and up (plus shipping) depending on the crystal(s).

There is a $25 deposit for all custom pieces. Miroslava will contact you when the piece is completed and ready for shipping and final payment.