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Atlantean high priestess

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Before the fall of Atlantis, many of its powerful crystals and wisdom was moved to different parts of the world. Some of the most powerful quartz crystals, large in body, were buried beneath the ground of the state of Arkansas to maintain the crystalline grid active. A few weeks ago, I felt something was happening underground, at the core of Gaia. (An earthquake happened just hours after I felt this massive energetic shift.) During this time, I felt the urge, the guidance to go to the forest because the energy needed to be stabilized. Could it be that what I was feeling was the awakening of these magical crystals? Could it be that they were starting, once again, to work in harmony with the crystalline grid?

I was born in Mexico, we moved a lot, but I ended up here, in this state… THE NATURAL STATE. I always wondered why not California, Hawaii, Sedona? Why Arkansas? I now know that I am a master of energy, crystals, they hear me and I hear them. Sometime back I received the message that I was an Atlantean Priestess, but it didn’t click. I wasn’t ready to embody this frequency then. I see and fully understand now that I am here to aid with the harmonization of ancient Atlantean frequencies. I am in this state, not to anchor energy, but to bring it up from the depths of our planet.

Within Arkansas lies one of the biggest Quartz Crystal deposits on the planet. According to Kryon, Mt. Ida is a crystalline mountain “upside down.” And a very high one indeed. One that goes very deep within this planet.

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