Huge Cosmic Gateway Activation and Extraterrestrial Guides *Cosmic Buddies*

When I tune into the energy, I can feel galactic beings gathering around the planet physically, so in their spaceships but also energetically, spiritually. It is like they know something is coming...

earth polarity

Negative Energy is LOUD, OPPRESSIVE, CONTROLLING | Harmonizing Polarity on Earth

Negative energy, beings holding or emitting that frequency get really LOUD. And if we look around, those that are loud are the ones shaming others for making the choice to do what feels right. These are the people pushing narratives that are divisive...

What is happening in the world? A Spiritual Perspective | THE GREAT AWAKENING

The Age of Aquarius is about the crumbling of old power structures. But, if we let the corrupt systems get away with their agenda of manipulation and mental, as well as spiritual enslavement, the only crumbling we’ll get to see is that of THE PEOPLE.

Sirius Extraterrestrials

SIRIUS | Introduction to the Extraterrestrial Race

Sirius A is the biggest star seen in the sky from Earth’s view. It is twenty times brighter than our sun and remains powerful shining light for humanity, assisting the Earth with higher wisdom, enabling our ability to access higher dimensional frequencies.