Was Jesus Christ a Mystic and Extraterrestrial?

Was Jesus Christ a Mystic and Extraterrestrial?

Hello, my friend! Today, we are diving into my perspective of the life of Jesus Christ or Yeshua. In this article I will answer the following questions... Was Jesus Christ connected to extraterrestrial beings? Was Jesus Christ an extraterrestrial being? And was Jesus a follower of the great path of the Mystic? Again, all is simply my perspective. So do keep this in mind as you read. Let's dive in!

What is a Mystic?

A mystic is a person who believes in the attainment of divine union with Source/God through the mastery of self. I love the way Aaron Abke describes the mystic, so I'll leave that here as well...

"Mystics are those who search for God inwardly through meditation, contemplation and service to others rather than seeking God through religious roles, rituals and institutions."

It is my belief that many of you reading this post are indeed mystics. You are walking life following your own beliefs, creating your own reality, bettering yourself to assist those in need, merging in divine union with your own higher self, union which leads directly to God, because you understand that you are indeed God. And not only do you see God in yourself, but because of your spiritual awareness, you are too able to see God in everyone. And that is beautiful.

Now, Jesus was a clear example of a living mystic. It is my belief (I keep saying this because this is only perspective) that Jesus followed the path of the mystic. He did not follow any specific religion or made it a habit to meditate or pray in temples. No, Jesus made up his own rules and followed the guidance of his soul. He was a rebel. He worked in union with Source and served humanity by extending his own divine light with love and compassion.

Mystical Practices of Jesus Christ

Before diving into whether I believe Jesus was an extraterrestrial, I want to share a few of the mystical practices Master Yeshua is said to have practiced.

Meditation, Prayer and Breathwork
Kundalini Energy and Sex Magic
(Jesus practiced sex magic with his divine feminine counterpart Mary Magdalene. She was an initiate of the Ancient Egyptian Isis Sex Magic Cult.)

Healing Hands or Abilities (Jesus understood the power of the human body and its energetic centers, the brain, the divine connection to the heart chakra and the quantum field. His healing abilities weren't miraculous but something each and everyone of us can do. We simply lack practice and understanding.

There are chakras in the palms of our hands. Jesus channeled universal consciousness, energy, through his body which was then filtered and emitted through his hands.

Jesus once said, "Everything I do, you can do, and better." This man, because he was a man just as much as he was the son of God or Divine. He was just like you and me -- human. He understood everything about energy and how energy behaves in a 3-dimensional reality. Because he understood this, he was able to manipulate energy by consciously accessing the quantum field, and from here, he was able to heal and create.

Jesus Christ the Extraterrestrial

It is my belief that Jesus was an incarnated extraterrestrial soul. A starseed.

Jesus, according to Dolores Cannon's book Jesus and the Essenes, went to the Essenes' mystery school as a child, which I believe to be heavily influenced by ancient Pleiadian wisdom. It is said that he also traveled to Egypt, which is known to have been influenced by the Sirian consciousness.

Jesus already knew everything he was being taught, but just like you and I, he forgot everything upon entering this 3-dimensional field. So he had to remember. And that's what he did during the many years he "disappeared." REMEMBER. By the time his ministry started, he was already grounded in his own truth. He had already integrated all the information gathered across many ancient lands and universes, and utilized it in a way that best served his individual soul's purpose. And this is the journey many starseeds are currently on. We are remembering who we are through travel to sacred sites or by simply connecting to fellow starseeds. This is allowing us to anchor in this reality, in this human, to successfully expand and begin our spiritual mission.

Jesus Christ came to Earth as an ambassador of Christ Consciousness. He was the embodiment of Oneness. Love. Divinity. Light. He shared wisdom in a way that made sense to normal people. He made it easy, simple.

The Arcturian consciousness or collective, assisted Jesus with unlocking the full power of the brain. There is powerful technology that exists within the human body, and Jesus learned how to sue his physical temple to its full capacity.

"Do not disconnect form this human vessel. Love it. Nurture it. Take care of it. There is so much power in you." Jesus

So what do you think? Was Jesus a starseed? How about a mystic? Definitely feel free to share your perspective on this wonderful being. Remember, this is only my perspective.

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