Aztec and Mayan Pyramid

Mayans, Aztecs and the Rise of the Sixth Sun

I’m sure everyone is familiar with 2012, the Mayan calendar, and “end of the world” prophecies. And perhaps you were disappointed to see nothing really happening physically. Now, according to Aztec & Toltec wisdom, 2012 was simply part of the transition period of an energetic shift that started back on July 11th, 1991, during a solar eclipse. This is when the 29-year transition period that would lead to the Rise of the Sixth sun began, and we are now, in 2021 (May 26th), completing this period of “acclamation” to fully step into a new epoch. But, the energetic shift continues. And now we have to adjust.

Aztec Calendar

According to Sergio Magaña and oral Toltec tradition, the Mayan and Aztec calendars are rooted in the same information. It is said that every 52 years, the calendars were updated by wise elders. The Mayan calendar shows a different count or information because the civilization fell (or ascended) before the calendar could be updated or adjusted. It was left, in a way, unfinished.

*I was recently urged by guides to hop on my Merkaba. I was surprised to see my consciousness traveling back in time to the Mayan era. I saw the "chief" and an extraterrestrial being speaking, making arrangements for their exit. The Mayans ascended the Earth plane, that's why no trace was left of this civilization. I'll be going more in depth in a later video.


From the Fifth Sun to the Sixth Sun

Each “Sun,” according to the Aztec and Toltec traditions, refers to time cycles on Earth. The cycles reign the realm of our planet for 6,625 years, with 29 years shared between Sun periods. These Suns are known as day (light) and night (dark), which alternate just as day and night do. The Sun period we are exiting, or have exited by now, is the one connected to day, light.

  • Tonal (day/light) Sun - this period creates an outer perception. During this time, humanity sought to connect with God outwardly. Healing, happiness, love became an external odyssey towards satisfaction for the human. The Fifth Sun (what we have completed) was fertile ground for religion, government/power structures, etc.

  • Nahual “Dark” Sun - this period creates inner perception. The focus of humanity shifts inwards, requiring light to see in the darkness of our own inner world. It is during this time that humanity shifts from pursuing external satisfaction and gratification to the self. It is all about how we feel at a personal level, what we think, what we do, it’s all about the inner reality. The Sixth Sun is a Dark Sun.

“Let’s secretly preserve the wisdom that our honorable grandparents taught us with great love,And this knowledge will pass from parents to children, from teachers to students,Until the rising of the Sixth Sun, When the new wise men will bring it back and save Mexico, In the meantime, let’s dance and remember the glory of Tenochtitlan, The place where the winds blow strongly."

This is a fragment of the speech given by Cuauhtemoc before the fall of the Aztec Empire.

Rise of the Sixth Sun and Beyond

Now, as I mentioned earlier, in 2021, we finally entered the period of the Sixth Sun. The dark Sun. And although darkness is often associated with evil, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Ancient Mexicans saw light and darkness as energy. There was no fear attached to labels. It was the conquistadors’ perception that shifted or repressed indigenous wisdom with their religion and fear-based beliefs.

The dark Sun is the spiritual Sun,
often associated with feminine energy. 

I find it fascinating that the pandemic took place during this period of 29 years between Suns and humanity's passage through the 8th underworld (more on this soon). This virus forced people to shift the focus to the inner self. Humanity has been seeking satisfaction and gratification outwardly, and abruptly, we were all forced to stay home, to be with ourselves, to face our demons by diving into our own underworld. And this scared the fuck out of people! We are not used to being alone with our pain, with the unhealed trauma. We are used to ignoring what we feel by engaging in experiences that grant us temporary satisfaction. It’s fucked up, honestly. How we have been conditioned to exist on this plane. But, thank God it’s all changing. And although this is hard for many because no one wants to face their demons, it is definitely needed. Those demons have to be acknowledged.

Aztec Pyramid Eclipse

In the epoch of the Sixth Sun, expect great change. We’ll be connecting more with ourselves by finally addressing the trauma, societal conditioning, the shadow. It will be hard, but there’s no other way of moving forward than by doing the inner work. So let's get to it!

Stay tuned for posts about humanity's passage through the 9 Underworlds, more about the Sixth Sun and the shift from a masculine (patriarchal) civilization to a more feminine way of being, Religion VS Indigenous Wisdom, and more!

: The Real Toltec Prophecies
Book: The Toltec Secret by Sergio Magaña

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