Hybrid Children: Diego (Healer & Teacher of the Way of the Heart)

Hybrid Children: Diego (Healer & Teacher of the Way of the Heart)

Today, we are starting a journey into the "hybrid children" universe! This is the first blog in a series of articles I'll be writing about the many hybrid children I've encountered. Most of these kids are not mine. They are simply showing up to extend their energy, love, wisdom, and compassion. Hope you enjoy!

Let's kick this off with Diego! He came to me in his beautiful green-ray energy, sharing a message of heart wisdom. He is not my hybrid child, but he is connected to the ancient Mexicans, a collective or ancestral line I, too, am connected to. So let's dive in!


Hybry Child Boy Diego Ancient Mexican

About Diego - The Ancient Mexican Hybrid

Name: Diego

Diego is of Spanish origin meaning "supplanter." In medieval times, Diego was Latinized as Didacus which derives from the Greek word Dddache, meaning "teaching."

Chakra: Heart

Aura: Green

Strengths: Wisdom, Connection to the Elements and Nature, Healer, Compassion, Patience

About Diego: He is a human-zeta hybrid. He carries the genetics of the indigenous people of Mexico. His teachings are rooted in the wisdom of Gaia. When I connect with Diego, I feel an immense amount of love and compassion. He is a young boy in age but wise beyond his years.


Ancient Mexico and Indigenous People

Message from Diego

"The way of the heart is the path of least resistance. It is through the heart that the soul becomes human."

As I was channeling this message, I received a vision of a heart being created as the fetus inside a woman's belly developed. It is scientifically known that the heart is the first organ to form during the development of the human body.  So indeed, it is through the heart that the soul becomes human.

"Emotions fluctuate because of your lack of understanding of the heart.

It is the mind that generates distortion, which in turn confuses the heart. So the way in which you harmonize your emotional field is by returning to the heart. The mind is powerful and truly wonderful, but the heart is the bringer of peace.

The heart is our bridge between heaven and earth.

The heart is the link between you and all that exists.

Not the physical heart per se, but the center of energy that lies in your body. That center, the heart center, is the connection to all. Not the crown or base, but the heart. And just like the heart is connected to all that exists outside of this reality, it too is beautifully linked to the heart of this Earth. When you sit in stillness to breathe, your heartbeat harmonizes with the heartbeat of the Mother. So feel. Allow yourself to feel. For it's all connected and truly magical." ~ Diego


Fifth Dimensional Hybrid Children

Diego is part of a Hybrid Children collective that holds fifth-dimensional consciousness. These children are as much human as any of us currently walking the Earth. They are set to integrate into society once the energy of the planet reaches a frequency that allows them to coexist with us. At this time, the Earth herself is holding a much higher frequency than in previous times, but the human collective is not quite there. So once humanity, as a whole, shifts into a 5th-dimensional collective, these hybrid children will reunite with their Earth relatives.

So what are your thoughts? Did Diego's message resonate with you? If so, feel free to tune into his energy. He is here to guide those who feel ready to tap into the green-ray frequency which enables heart wisdom, love, compassion, and expansion. The green ray is also associated with 4th density consciousness.

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