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Conversations with Ascended Master Yeshua | No more fear of God | Part 3

For some time after my spiritual awakening, I resented religion. As I began to see things from a higher perspective, from a more expansive and inclusive view, my anger and frustration gained strength.

How could they belittle women, the feminine essence to such an extent?

Why must we fear God?

Why must we repress authentic expression in fear of sinning and going to hell?

I’ve always loved Jesus, but his name alone triggered something within me that brought up a lot of discomfort. I eventually realized that it wasn’t necessarily Jesus that triggered these emotions, but the idea and distortion of his teachings.

The truth is...


I love the man that walked the Earth, not the fantasy created by the church. This is why I like to use the name Yeshua. To me, this name holds the true frequency of the man. Jesus is the distorted social complex of the man. I, by no means, intend to hurt anyone by sharing my perspective on his teachings. The intention is to take away the fear by bringing back the love.

What I’ve been able to understand these past few days is that Yeshua walked the Earth, not as the son of God, but as God manifested.

“The Father and I are One.”

He didn’t have a special “link" to God because he was God. His human vessel served as a channel of the divine frequencies of Source Creator. And what I love about his journey is that he was just a man, human. There was nothing special about Yeshua, “I simply did what most refuse to do. Beloved, I am no better than you.” He knew that his teachings would be distorted but trusted that those who were ready would listen, integrate, embody, and share his messages. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Gospel of Mark

“The Kingdom of God is inside/within you (and all about you), not in buildings/mansions of wood and stone. (When I am gone) Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift the/a stone and you will find me.” Gospel of Thomas

So many people reach out to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Go to church in search of forgiveness because they fear a judgmental God. But reaching out to others for salvation only takes power away from you, for it is only you that holds the key to the Heavens. Jesus did not die at the cross for your sins, he died to show you forgiveness and the highest, most divine level of unconditional love. “I accept your choice even if it condemns me. I did not fight the will of the people, for it is in this act that I too rose from the dead.” 

Connecting to Yeshua these past few months has changed everything. He’s helped me unlock the coding within my DNA that remained dormant due to the lack of self-belief. His love has allowed me to see that indeed I am God. And this is not coming from an ego space rather a place of full surrender and embodiment of the divine. There is no hidden agenda, for all that exists is love and from this love stems compassion, gratitude, acceptance, LIFE.

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