selenite crystal meaning and how to use it

Selenite Crystal Meaning, Magic, and Uses

Selenite is one of my favorite crystals to work with because not only is it readily available, but full of magic and extremely easy to care for! In this article, I will be giving you my perspective of the selenite crystal meaning, its magic, and how you can use it to elevate your spiritual journey and meditation, as well as manifestation practices.

The Magic of the Selenite Crystal

Selenite was named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon–Selene. Personally, I feel this crystal holds a strong divine feminine energy that I associate with the heart and upper chakras. I find that Selenite offers great assistance when learning spiritual lessons related to forgiveness, love, death, and transformation.

It is my perspective that selenite is the feminine counterpart of clear quartz. Moon/Shakti energy. What I see when I connect to this specific crystal is a very thin, white veil that covers every corner of the universe. Doing a bit of research I found that a veil symbolizes purity and humility, as well as concealment or protection against unseen forces. But there is so much more! This magical crystal holds a frequency that I can only describe as the raw, untainted essence of the higher self. To me, it feels like spirit in physical form. Pure. Untainted. Divine. The physical manifestation of the feminine polarity or female counterpart of the masculine polarity of God/Source, which to me feels like clear quartz.

selenite stick with sage

Selenite Crystal Meaning & Uses

According to the Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall, Selenite is a high vibrational stone that "creates a protective grid around a house, and a large piece placed in the house ensures a peaceful atmosphere." So many healers, reiki practitioners, and witches use selenite in their day-to-day life and work practice for it offers spiritual protection. Personally, I have sticks of selenite laying on my altar to keep the space clear of low vibrational energetic debris.
  • Known as the Goddess Crystals
  • Promotes Purity and Honesty
  • Chakra Cleansing
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Purifies Energy in the Environment
  • Connection to the Angelic Realm
  • Removes Blockages to Allow the Activation of Shakti Energy
  • Cleanses and Charges other Crystals
  • Protection Against Low Vibrational Energy
  • Transformation and Integration of Energy
  • Divine Love Frequency

I highly recommend that you include selenite sticks or selenite powder in your manifestation rituals for it clears the energetic blockages you may be projecting onto the spiritual tools you may be utilizing to conjure magic.

Grab a selenite stick and gift it to the tree spirits, fairies, elementals, and the earth herself during your walks. Charge it with the energy of the sun or moon and hand it over to the spirits of nature to establish an energetic connection.

Got a headache? Feeling sad or angry? Need a bit of mental clarity? Grab a piece of selenite, hold it in your hands for a few minutes (read below for detailed instructions), or place it in your head (or wherever the physical discomfort is). I often place selenite in my heart chakra or chest to calm down when feeling anxiety or fear. Be intentional and speak to the spirit of selenite. All crystals are living beings.

Selenite crystal meaning

Are you menstruating? Grab some selenite! This is a powerful feminine stone and has the potential of elevating our spiritual gifts and intuition during this bleeding/moon time.

Need extra energetic protection around your home? Grab selenite sticks and bury them around the perimeter of your home. You can also pulverize selenite by hitting it with rocks or a hammer (be safe!). Disperse the powder in your back and front yard. If you have pets, definitely do your research to ensure their safety. Oh, and don't forget to bless the selenite sticks or powder with your love and intention. One more thing, for a powerful protection blend, take some of that selenite powder and mix it with cascarilla or eggshell powder!

* Do NOT get selenite wet or cleanse with salt water! It will disintegrate.

What is your selenite crystal meaning? Let me know in the comments!

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