Sirius Extraterrestrials

SIRIUS | Introduction to the Extraterrestrial Race

Sirius A is the biggest star seen in the sky from Earth’s view. It is twenty times brighter than our sun and remains powerful shining light for humanity, assisting the Earth with higher wisdom, enabling our ability to access higher dimensional frequencies.

Full Moon

The Power of Menstruation | Awaken the Inner Goddess

I was never a person to track my menstrual cycle, and honestly, I was too busy complaining about the discomfort that comes with the bleeding. But the more I began to connect with my soul, the more I was drawn to place more attention on the cycles of my own body, leading to a deeper and more nurturing connection with my womb.

POSITIVITY is an inside job!

Positivity is the force that inspires changed, it is the force that paves the way to success. A lot of people complain about not being able to achieve a certain goal or experience the life of their dreams. This is all because they are not fully align to the energy of all that they want manifested in their physical reality.