The Metaphysical Chick Intro

I have traveled across the cosmos to learn from other collectives. It is my belief that I entered this universe through a portal back in the Lyran times, during the galactic wars. And, like many of you, am here to remind humanity of their wholeness, to share a different perspective of the absolute truth. A perspective that is free of fear, one that is based on LOVE, ONENESS, FREEDOM.

I am a member of the Ashtar Command and Ambassador of Galactic Councils and Federations. The most known group of extraterrestrials, higher-vibrational, benevolent beings is the Galactic Federation which overlooks the happenings of our planet. But there’s more. So much more! I’m still in the process of making sense of all that exists.

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“You have the power to create new worlds, and these worlds are not just visuals in your mind but manifestations within the quantum field. This quantum field is the keeper of records. All that exists and will ever exist resides in this quantum realm.” – Lyran Aspect

We each are masters of specific frequencies or energy. All that we have to do now is remember that we already are that which we wish to be. This realization activates the codes within our DNA at a subatomic level. For example, I have mastered the ability to manipulate and direct energy. This is why I’ve always felt incredible power in my hands and have been so drawn to crystals. They are more than energetic tools, they are living beings. Consciousness.


The Metaphysical Chick” title was given to Miroslava because of her connection to the Sirius and Arcturian star systems. These are the aspects of her soul that mastered many metaphysical abilities such as quantum healing, energy manipulation, DNA regeneration, crystal magic and alchemy (also practiced and mastered in Atlantis), as well as sound healing (connection to the Hathors).

ABOUT THE HUMAN: For a very long time, I felt a deep, beautiful, sacred connection to the indigenous people of this land. I was able to connect to the Native Americans, the elders of this collective energetically, but knew that I couldn’t be connected to them genetically because I was born in Mexico. I later realized that part of the US in which these native people lived once was part of Mexico. And everything finally made sense.

Now I know that my ancestors were part of the indigenous Aztec tribes, Toltecs, Chichimeca, Mexihcas, and the Mayans. What I feel energetically is that my ancestors weren’t just part of one indigenous tribe but a collection of many. It’s hard to explain what I feel in words. But I know we originated somewhere on this Earth and expanded outwardly over time. There is so much more to all that we are. I also feel Spanish and Italian descent, but haven’t yet worked with those energetics. So I don’t have much to say about that. Actually, I do feel deep healing taking place within my own vessel. It’s sort of an energetic purge and healing of trauma that stems from the conquering of the Ancient Mexican lands by the Spanish people. It’s a beautiful act of peace between the two collectives.

At the beginning of my spiritual awakening, years ago, I did a past life regression meditation. It was during this self-induced hypnosis that I saw myself as a Native American woman. I remember walking in a large field of yellow grass towards a man, the Chief of this tribe. As I approached this man, his arms extended and embraced me. The energy of this man felt like a father figure. I remember looking at him in the eyes and asking, “who am I?” He then pointed up to the stars and said, “You come from the stars. Everything that you wish to know you already know. It’s all just a matter of REMEMBERING.” After coming out of this meditation, I did research and was guided to an article or video (can’t remember) that talked about the influence of Pleiadian beings in the Native American culture. At this point, I was kind of aware of my Pleiadian connection, I knew about these beings, and so it all started to sink in. I became conscious of this and began to remember my star ancestry.

It is my belief that I haven’t been on Earth many times. Before coming to Earth this lifetime, I lived in the Pleiades. I see that life as preparation for embarking on this Human journey. What I feel is that I was one of the Pleiadian/Star beings assisting the Native people in ancient times. And now have incarnated on Earth, at this pivotal time in humanity’s history, in the flesh of indigenous descent to close the cycle, or to “get my hands dirty.” It is time for me to put into practice what I preached to the native tribes. They paved the way on this Earth for all of us, and now, it is time we complete what was left unfinished.

I am honored, so grateful, and proud to have the blood of Ancient Mexicans running through my veins. To me, the indigenous people are the most beautiful expression of the feminine principle. Their love for the Earth, our Mother, is so divine. So inspiring.

“‘Mexico’ comes from the Náhuatl words metztli, xictli, and co, meaning ‘moon’, ‘navel’, and ‘place’ respectively. When combined, they mean ‘the place of the moon’s navel.’ That is the land of dreamers and those who are awake while dreaming.” Sergio Magaña | The Toltec Secret