Miroslava Casiano - the metaphysical chick

“The Metaphysical Chick”

Miroslava incarnated on Earth, like many of you, because the planet was heading down a path of descension. Many souls gathered in meetings that took place in the Pleiades and other star nations to come up with a plan of intervention, and it was agreed that the only way to create real change was from inside the Earth itself.Read more about Miroslava’s recollection of the meeting that took place in the Pleiades hosted by the Galactic Federation and her experience with the Ashtar Command here.

The Metaphysical Chick” title was given to Miroslava because of her connection to the Sirius star system. This is the aspect of her soul that mastered many metaphysical abilities such as quantum healing, energy manipulation, DNA restoration, crystal magick and alchemy (also practiced and mastered in Atlantis), and sound healing (practiced in the mystery schools in Sirius and Ancient Egypt with the Hathors).

“I help you get out of the karmic wheel so that you can move on from the physical Earth experience. Together, we’ll address the trauma, the ancestral patterns, the pain, the purpose behind those negative experiences and your soul’s mission. 



High Priestess of the Earth & Cosmos

  • Here to initiate souls into the mysteries of the Universe, allowing the remembrance of their divine energetic blueprint.

How did Miroslava become a High Priestess?

The High Priestess is activated though lifetimes of learning from Earth and intergalactic experiences. Miroslava incarnated on Earth during the Golden Age of Egypt, learning about sex magic, healing, and divine feminine power through Hathor and the Isis cult. Miroslava also lived during the time of Jesus as an Essene woman in which she worked closely with Mary Magdalene and now walks the Earth as a member of the Order of Magdalena.

A soul is able to activate the inner High Priestess at any point in time by integrating lessons mastered in previous and simultaneous lifetimes. But do keep in mind that not everyone is meant to embody those frequencies within this human form. Each and every one of you is meant to follow the path that is unique to your soul’s needs when it comes to ascension.

If the resonance to Priestesshood exists and one chooses to follow the calling, the soul must go through a series of intense initiations. There are many levels to these initiations that takes the soul into the shadows of their own underworld. The intention is never to break a soul, rather a test of faith, trust in what appears to be unknown. The test is to push through the discomfort by re-connecting to the divinity and sacredness that exists within thyself and others. The initiations are meant to guide the soul back to the frequency of divine love.

Crystalline Light Code Healer & Activator

  • Channel of crystalline, light coded frequencies that are emitted through crystal magic (alchemy), words (voice), and movement (hands).

What is the intention of these frequencies?

The intention these high vibrational frequencies is to awaken the divinity within another, the “creator” power, the God and Goddess within.

Intuitive Artist

  • Channel of High Vibrational Frequencies and Beings of Light. It is through her connection with spirit that Miroslava is able to create light coded visuals/graphics that are meant to awaken the soul’s spiritual truth.

Messenger of Divine Love

Miroslava incarnated on Earth as a clear channel of Ancient Wisdom. She is here as THE MESSENGER of unspoken truths.


Is cautious but fearless in the face of change.

Is deeply connected to the cycles of the Moon and the Earth.

Is a sensual woman that loves, honors and respects her beautiful temple.

Loves unconditionally because she honors and respects each individual’s chosen path.

Rises in divine action with the sacred fire, but flows with the unexpected tides and current of the open waters.

Sees all living beings as equals. She never shames or belittles men, she blesses the divinity that lies within them.

Is the Queen of the Underworld for it is here that she found the light within herself.

Is the eternal child. Free-spirited. You will never tie her down to a specific belief or way of living.

Speaks her truth openly but loves to listen to other people’s perspective.

Is Intuitive. Empathic. Psychic. A Healer. A Messenger of Divine Love. Guardian of the Earth. Warrior of the Sacred Rainbow. Seed of the Stars.



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