Huge Cosmic Gateway Activation and Extraterrestrial Guides *Cosmic Buddies*

“Forget about the chaos. Come on board.” – Shakteh

The month of December feels extremely galactic! There is a lot of energy coming in from the cosmos, allowing those open to cosmic frequencies to “board the ship.” And this is not a physical ship, but energy. It is all a form of or a state of consciousness. The more you open up to your higher self, the more you will be able to access these cosmic rays.

I know there is a lot happening astrologically, but I am not an astrologer so I won’t get into that. What I will be sharing is channeled messages about this month and perspectives. So let’s get to it!

Nordic Extraterrestrials
Nordic Extraterrestrials

December: The Cosmic Gateway and Beyond

When I tune into the energy, I can feel galactic beings gathering around the planet physically, so in their spaceships but also energetically, spiritually. It is like they know something is coming, and it doesn’t have to be anything bad or chaotic or physical, but energy. There is energy traveling across space, this could be related to the sun, not sure. But they know that when this energy hits the Earth, something will change. Something will be activated. We’ve all been going through a lot these past few months. Heck, these past few years! It’s been intense to say the least. But it’s all happening for a reason. We are being prepared. And for what? Well, that’s the million dollar question. I don’t think anyone knows exactly what that is. Timelines are always shifting. So when we think we know something, the slightest shift in frequency can change our whole experience. So why tormenting ourselves with wanting to know everything. It’s easier and much more peaceful to let it all be and unfold as it must. It’s important to keep living life. Sometimes, knowing everything can create fear and fear creates distorted thoughts and emotions which lead to chaos. Just let it be.

To dive deeper into the role of cosmic buddies and this month’s gateway, check out my latest youtube video!

The following is a conversation I had with a Pleiadian being named Shakteh. This being is my cosmic buddy. To learn more about this being, check out the linked above!

Shakteh: “You are wrapping things up in December. You know what you have to do. And we are here to help. Everyone. Each and everyone of you has a ‘cosmic buddy.’ An ‘extraterrestrial’ being that works one-on-one with you. I guess you can think of us as guardian angels, but we are not perfect. We’re just like you. The only difference being that our consciousness does not fall under the veil of illusion of your reality. And because we are not under this veil, we see everything without distortion. We see everything without fear. So, you can reach out to your cosmic buddy for support and guidance.”

Me: Are these cosmic buddies like spirit guides?

Shakteh: “Yes and no. We are extraterrestrial beings connecting with you telepathically from the motherships.”

Me: Motherships?

Shakteh: “Yes, there are many surrounding Earth. Many of us have been here for a very long time and others have just arrived. Like I previously said, there is something coming. We simply want to be here to offer support. You know how pilots always have someone to connect to (I get the image of people in air traffic control communicating with pilots in air planes.) We are the people or beings communicating with you from space.”

Me: Wow! That’s amazing! So you said we all have a cosmic buddy?

Shakteh: “Yes. You have many. But for this specific time, there is one that has been assigned to you specifically. This being is connected to you at a very spiritual level. You and I, for example, we bonded in the Pleiades. You saw me in a dream. I told you that all I wanted was to help. Do you remember?”

Me: Yes! I do remember. Beautiful. Thank you!

Shakteh: “You know who I am.”

Me: Yes I do. So what can we share with the people. With fellow, conscious starseeds.

Shakteh: “Tell them to not be afraid. Whatever happens, it is meant to be. You may see or feel nothing or you may see and feel everything. The key is to remain grounded. Remain conscious. And have faith. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in humanity. Have faith. Just have faith. It will be okay.

Now, there is a gateway. This is a dimensional door, you can call it that way, opening up in the month of December. You walk through it by elevating your energetic frequency. You will need to release a lot of baggage. You can’t walk through it if you still hold emotions such as anger or fear. You must let go of the baggage. You must release everything that you know is no longer serving your spiritual growth. You must let go. And when you do, this dimensional door will expand, allowing you to access a higher level of consciousness. This is a gateway to the higher octave of your human experience. In this octave, the cosmic being grounds deeper into the Earth, allowing you to activate more of your multidimensionality. It’s powerful. But it will take commitment and it will be hard on your physical body. You’ve been dealing with this. You know what I am talking about. It will be okay. Just keep going. And really give yourself love. Take care of your vessel. Be patient. See you on the other side. In the mean time, let’s stay connected. We love you. We love you all.”

Eskil vashta.com

So what do you think? Actually, what do you feel? That’s better. Allow yourself to feel as you read this blog post and let that feeling lead the way. Thoughts or the mind often create distortion. The heart allows energy to flow without distortion. So feel.

Now, I am not sharing this to create fear, but to inspire you to continue doing the work energetically and spiritually. Although the world may seem or feel chaotic, there is so much happening behind the scenes that we cannot see, but we can most definitely feel. So again, come back to the heart. By the way, I share a quick meditation to help you link with your cosmic buddy in this video! Let me know if you’re able to connect with your galactic partner!

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