mary magdalene crystals

Use These 3 Crystals To Connect with Mary Magdalene and The Order of Magdalena

Hello, my friend! Are you familiar with Mary Magdalene? Personally, I absolutely love this powerful divine feminine teacher. She is the twin flame of Yeshua, Apostle of the Apostles, Sex Magic Priestess, and a badass woman!

Mary Magdalene was one of my main Divine Feminine guides during my High Priestess initiation. She showed up as my heart was cracking open to unleash it’s true, divine light. A lot of people call it heartbreak, I call it the awakening of the heart ❤ It feels like the heart is breaking, I know. But in reality, what is cracking is the outer layer of distorted emotions that was created over time. So although it fucking hurts, it’s allowing space for full, divine embodiment. It’s necessary.

Now, Mary Magdalene is also a powerful guide for women and men dealing with wounds surrounding feminine oppression and repression. Magdalena was a powerful voice in the time of Christ. She was his rock. But the patriarchy refused to see a woman have the same kind of power as a man, so they casted her out of the Bible. That’s why we don’t really know much about her. But she is a woman of immense inner strength, courage and love. She was the feminine force that supported the masculine essence of Yeshua. They practiced sex alchemy and that’s how both were able to make it through such hard times. As you may know, sexual energy is life force. It charges our physical and etheric bodies. When utilized in the right way, of course. They loved each other so deeply and now work as twin flames with people that ask for their assistance. I had the incredible honor of witnessing their energetic presence some time ago. They showed up to me as ONE. It wasn’t Yeshua nor Magdalene but the two as ONE. It was MAGICAL! Beautiful, loving energy.

Mary Magdalene Crystals

Here are the crystals I have used to connect or work with the energy and archetype of Mary Magdalene. Again, this is only from personal experience. You can also use these to tune into the Order of Magdalena. If you’re not familiar with this order, learn more about this divine feminine lineage here >>


Heart Stone, Passion, Motivation, Vitality, Boosts Sensuality, Empowerment, Divine Feminine Leadership

The Queen of all gems. Nurtures, heals, and strengthens the divine feminine energy. It is connected to the heart and lower chakras.

Personally, I like to use this stone during my moon cycle. It really opens up the heart and harmonizes it with the womb. It’s a powerful feminine stone! To me, this stone also embodies all that a woman is. Feminine, strong, passionate, courageous, loving, beautiful, divine, and so much more!

garnet crystal


Super Attractor, Confidence, Self-Esteem Booster, Creativity, Charisma, Protection, Courage, Passion, Lower Chakra Healing, Grounding

Strengthens and balances the feminine energy. Enhances survival instincts, removes anxiety, and helps balance emotions in order to make better life choices. Attracts people and opportunities that are in alignment with your current vibration.

This is a powerful stone for grounding during emotional times. When we feel that heartbreak, man, we can get lost in the pain. So holding on to this stone really helps us come back to our bodies. It clears distortion from our field which allows the heart to step back into peace. It’s also great for boosting self-esteem and confidence. It really activates the raw, feminine power!

carnelian crystal


Sexual Energy, Passion, Courage, Sacral Chakra Healing & Activation, Willpower, Bold Action

Magdalene is a master of sex alchemy. This stone is connected to the sacral chakra, allowing a soul to activate the sacred, inner fire.

This crystal is also a powerful stone for clearing energetic blockages in the lower chakras. It turns on the fire to allow energy to flow more effortlessly. If you have sexual wounds or trauma, this crystal can help you alchemize the emotions attached to those experiences. I personally use this crystal to light up the kundalini serpent.

So what do you think? Have you used these crystals in your practice? If not, highly recommend you go looking for some good quality stones. I do create quantum crystal necklaces and rings, so if you’re interested in getting a piece from me, click here! I’d love to channel a beautiful crystal piece for you!

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