manifestation ritual with the ancestors

Easy Manifestation Ritual You Can Do With the Ancestors ~ MAKE A WISH! ~

Hello everyone!!! I am sharing this on November 1st, 2021, as the veil is thin and the connection with the Earth ancestors is super strong. Their love and support is penetrating so many layers to reach the “living” human, so magical!

As I was preparing to commune with the ancestors yesterday morning (October 31st), I received the guidance to perform a manifestation ritual. This is an easy way to allow our ancestors to support us in a way that feels rich and deep. So if you’ve been having issues manifesting a dream or reaching a goal, first, be sure you are energetically aligned. Do the inner work to match the vibrational frequency of the dream. Second, allow others to support you, in this case — the ancestors. I am a very independent person, so asking for help has always been a struggle. But we are not alone and reaching out for help is not just beautiful but expansive. It opens us up to the vibration of receiving. It tears up walls created by our ego and pride, enabling the flow of energy. So allow yourself to be supported by people such as family, friends, strangers, spirit guides, ancestors, etc.

Manifestation Ritual

Here’s what you need…

  • Bay Leaves (you can get them at your grocery store or metaphysical shop)
  • Sharpie (to write down the wish or positive affirmations)
  • Herbs & Crystals (offering to the ancestors)

Head to a forest or a place in which you feel the energy of the ancestors. It can be your lineage or the ancestor collective as a whole. Personally, I was born in Mexico, I don’t have a lineage that connects me to this specific area in the US but I do have a strong physical connection to the indigenous people of Mexico, as well as a strong energetic connection to the Native American people of this land. So it doesn’t matter if your connection is genetic or energetic, it’s all equally powerful.

Here’s what you do

Take a bay leaf or two or three. Write down a wish in the leaf with a sharpie.

For example…

“I am financially free”

“I am successful”

“I have a thriving business”

“I am magnetic. All that is good comes to me effortlessly.”

Sit with the bay leaves. Feel the energy the wish generated in you. And see it as already done.

Once you feel the energy within you, bury the leaf or leaves along with an offering.


Crystals, herbs, rocks, flowers, etc. Whatever you feel the ancestors would like.

And finally, send your request. Place both of your hands on the surface in which you buried the bay leaves and offering, and feel the energy of the ancestors. Talk to them. What are you wishing for? Why? How can they assist you? Let them know! Below is a video I filmed explaining the process, check it out! I also share how to activate the ancestral portal.

I hope you enjoyed, my friend. If you give this ritual a try, definitely let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your experience. Also, check out my crystal jewelry and magick spell jars & potions. So appreciate your support!

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