Goddess Isis

Meeting Goddess Isis In Ancient Egyptian Temple and The High Priest/Priestess Initiation

The other day I felt guided to do a meditation to connect with Goddess Isis and let me tell you… it was one of the most powerful encounters I’ve ever had!

In this meditation, I was shown and given information relevant to the high priestess initiation and path. My high priestess initiation began about 3 years ago, but I truly believe that those on the path have always been on the journey. We’re just unconscious. Anyways, during the meditation, I was reminded of how truly important diving into the underworlds is. The initiate cannot get to a place of enlightenment without first addressing the shadow within and without. It is imperative for us to dive deep into the many layers of darkness within the unconscious. The shadow is there to be seen and embraced, to be loved. So we cannot bypass this aspect of us by wishing to only be in the light. We have to take responsibility.

Goddess Isis met me in what I perceived to be her temple, but was more like a space within me. I don’t really know how to explain it. It was like I was accessing a temple that exists within me but looked like Ancient Egyptian times. During this meeting, Isis didn’t really say much. All I received were visuals that allowed me to decode the messages she was trying to convey.

Messages from the Goddess

  1. There are an infinite amount of underworlds. And these underworlds are not physical places but spaces within the unconscious. The underworlds are layers of distortion and trauma.
  2. All priests & priestesses are masters of something. Everyone is unique. There is no one way of expressing or embodying this energy. Every initiate goes through the many underworlds, and whatever he/she masters in the shadows is what he/she will embody, teach and express.
  3. Once the initiate completes his/her High Priest(ess) initiation, the initiate is met by the Ultimate High Priest or Priestess. In my case, the energy that showed up was Isis, but the energy meeting you in this space varies depending on your journey. This being or energy grants you a crystal that beautifully embodies or symbolizes your area of mastery. To learn about my experience receiving this crystal, check out the video!

Are You An Initiate?

I am a self-initiated High Priestess. My journey, as mentioned earlier, began about 3 years ago but I do believe that it all begins the moment we are born. It’s all a matter of time, experience, growth, commitment. I share this to emphasize on the fact that no external force, Priest or Priestess, initiator, is needed to initiate us into the Priest or Priestess path. This is something that has been predetermined. If you feel a resonance with this energy it is because this is what you are meant to embody this lifetime. We are everything but being everything in this human form consciously would be too much! Believe me, I’ve tried lol So we come here to remember certain energies that already exist within us to further align ourselves to our purpose and better assist humanity.

You cannot teach what you are born with.

I’ve never had training with a Priest or Priestess. I have no certification. I have no education. I simply allow myself to uncover wisdom and truths from within. It’s honestly so liberating and expansive. Because I am not following anyone else’s teachings, my mind remains wide open to all possibilities. I don’t follow any rules for there is no idea or belief being projected to me through another’s expression. I honor gurus and spiritual teachers but I find that trusting my intuition and guidance form my spirit team gives the best results. It’s beautiful!

I’ll leave this here for now. Later, I will share more bout my initiation, what triggered it, how Mary Magdalene showed up to help and so much more! Stay tuned! In the meantime, if you are an initiate and feel comfortable sharing, I’d love to know about your journey! Leave a comment or feel free to email me


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