Red Head Mermaid

Water Has Memory – A Message from the Merfolk

I unsuccessfully tried connecting to the Merfolk for years and it wasn’t until last week that my field was flooded with their divine beingness. Their energy is absolutely beautiful. They are showing up in preparation for my meeting with them in the coming days. I’ll be sharing more on that later!

The Merfolk came in with a message regarding the water of our planet. The Oceans, the lakes, the rivers, the water we drink, all holds powerful information because water has memory. Water is conscious. Water is a living being. Yes, a lot of trauma and lower vibrational energy is stored in water but what the Merfolk are sharing with me is the power of our intention. We can go to the ocean, the nearest lake, and dive deep into the many layers of information stored in the water.

“Dive deeper. Dig through the layers of trauma.”

There is powerful information, loving wisdom waiting to be unlocked. All it takes is our desire to know more as well as our willingness to do the inner work in order to see through or past the many layers of trauma that exist, not only in water, but everywhere.

Another message that came through is regarding negative encounters with mermaids, and old tales about them luring and killing sailors.

The energy that we put out will always be reciprocated. Even if you are encountering the most loving, divine being, if we hold the vibration of lust, fear, anger, etc., we will never be able to see past the vibration we hold. The reality we experience is a projection of our own vibratory field. I’ll leave it at this for now.

Now that I have established connection with this consciousness and am beginning to awaken my own Mermaid aspect, I’ll definitely be sharing a lot more. I love this energy. It’s so feminine, so magical. Stay tuned for a water practice the Mermaids shared with me and more!

In this video, I share part of a song I channeled from the Merfolk Collective.


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