Earth is a planet in which few out of the trillions of soul consciousnesses inhabiting this universe are willing to physically pass through. So you being here is nothing short of magnificent.

Earth is one of the greatest schools in the cosmos that teaches us how to love without conditions, how to see others with compassion, how to return to oneness. But of course, it’s not easy. There is distortion, there is limitation, there is fear, emotions. I see this planet as the keeper or carrier of many perspectives, beliefs. This Earth is one of the few collectives that works in many groups rather then ONE.

Let me explain…

Across the universe, planets, not all, work as one collective. They’ve agreed on a specific belief and move forward in the ascension process as one. But on Earth, it’s different. This planet is full of consciousnesses that hold specific beliefs. It is a melting pot of energetics, genetics, perspectives. And although this is what is keeping the planet from working and creating as ONE collective, it makes things fun, exciting. I love the many timelines and realities that this place alone is able to hold in a single body. It’s amazing! I believe that, at some point, the Earth collective will begin working as one which will then lead to a 5th dimensional experience but, for now, enjoy the ride. Be authentic. Be raw. Share what you know and keep aligning to your highest truth. There is so much that you alone are here to bring awareness to. Our perspectives may not align at the moment, but the information you hold is allowing humanity to step outside of their own box of limitations. WE ARE ALL GROWING, EXPANDING, AWAKENING.

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