The Essenes were a secretive group of men and women living in Qumran before and during the time of Jesus. They were highly advanced beings, following the sacred laws of the Universe. Master Yeshua spent some time during his early years learning from this advanced collective of souls in their mystery school.

What I love about this collective is that women received the same treatment as men. Education was given equally.

“It is said that one away from the other is not complete. So all knowledge must be shared, so that it can never be lost. I have known women who have more brains than the average rabbi.”

The quote I am sharing are from the book Jesus and the Essenes by Dolores Cannon. In the book, Suddi talks about beings from the stars visiting them to share wisdom, and I’m sure the Pleiadian collective were some of those beings. Their teachings are so similar to the guidance I receive from the Pleiades, very heart based. So beautiful!

Also, it is said that Christianity was based on their beliefs and teachings. Of course, religion evolved into something different over the years, but the core of the teachings remain deeply connected to what the Essenes practiced, and this is because Christ was one of their students.


The bracelet I am sharing here was created months ago. I took the beads out on a beautiful journey into the sacred space of the forest I like to visit. During my stay there, I experienced the most magical light bath as I sat under the sun. It was so powerful that my body completely crashed the following day 😅 It took some time for my physical vessel to integrate such powerful, divine frequencies 🧬


As I sat under the light of the sun, I could see the particles of the sunshine rays showering down on me, caressing my body. In that moment, I felt in complete unity with Yeshua and all the Ascended Masters, Angels, the Earth, with God. I remember thinking, “so this is how it feels?” I’ve been meditating for a while, but this was a whole other level of connection. In that moment I was God him/herself. We were ONE.


Miroslava, The Metaphysical Chick, consciously works with the Quantum Field to attune each piece to the highest vibrational frequency. The intention is to help souls tune into the God Brain to Heal, Awaken and Activate the Multidimensional Human.


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