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You Are More Than Human – You Are Everything! | The Quantum Perspective

I’ve shared my galactic experiences, my extraterrestrial connections to show you that you are more than Human, Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian — YOU ARE EVERYTHING.

By focusing on only one aspect of you, you are, in a way, throwing away 99.9% of you that remains “unused.” Come back to yourself, and from here, anchor at the zero point to call in all of your galactic aspects, all your angelic aspects, your dragon self or guardian, God.

There is so much more than one place of origin, and all lies within you because ALL IS YOU.

Detach from the idea that you belong to a specific galaxy, planet, realm. YOU ARE HOME to all of YOU that has ever been and will forever be.

Now, if you don’t feel a connection to a specific collective, it isn’t because you are not one of it but because you are not conscious.

After detaching from Source, souls wander around the Universe, exploring the Creator’s Creation. We each have to experience EVERYTHING. And as you know, time is non-linear, all is happening right now. So, if you tune into the heart (link to the quantum field) ALL SHALL BE REVEALED. But we must work on disconnecting from our own ego. We must get this conditioned part of ourselves out of the way. The human in us wants to belong or be part of something greater and so it searches, not because it knows it is all ONE but because it wants to feel BIG.

So be gentle with yourself.

Be compassionate.

Be patient.

Know that answers show up only when you are ready.

And remember this, you are already big my friend. As big as it gets! You don’t have to keep searching for your planet or extraterrestrial origin…




Jesus the Mystic
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