Spirituality and God

Spirituality Is Cool But Have We Forgotten God?

What I’ve been experiencing these past few weeks is what I like to refer to as — the RECONCILIATION with God.

When I started my spiritual journey, I went straight to spirit guides, extraterrestrials, beings of other dimensional planes. I dove deep into my galactic origins and expanded the human mind to see what lies beyond this 3-dimensional experience. But, in the process, I kind of stopped believing in God. I wasn’t really connecting straight to source. I was reaching out to beings that, in a way, are just like me.

Now, what I love about my guides and the connection I’ve established with galactics is that they never show up portraying themselves as better than me. When I started to feel that perhaps I needed to fully disconnect from them, they showed up encouraging me to become more independent and to pursue this direct connection with Source.

“This is not goodbye. Please. We encourage you to do this.” – Guides


Honestly, I never felt like I was part of the spiritual community because the way I do things has always been different. So, in a way, I never was one of the “cool kids” here. But, what I’ve come to understand is that I AM HERE AS THE MESSENGER. I will continue to share what I know. I will be the voice of higher-dimensional beings that want to help humanity ascend the 3-dimensional Earth experience. But, I AM ALSO ONE WITH GOD. I now recognize the power of SOURCE.

Also, I feel the spiritual community has been infiltrated by dark forces, and this is something I see strengthening in the next few years. I see people becoming spiritual because they are tired of religion and think crystals are cool. But there is so much more than popularity, numbers, aesthetics, followers, likes. I will be holding the light to guide people back to LOVEthe GOD FREQUENCY.


If you are one of the people leaving NEW AGE spirituality to go back to religion, to Jesus, to God, to YOU I say…


If this is what you are truly feeling then it is because you are meant to shift the vibration of the church from the inside. Because we all can agree that distortion within organized religion exists. The energy it holds now is not based on Christ Consciousness, the frequency Jesus embodied during his time on Earth. It is not rooted in LOVE, UNITY, FREEDOM, ONENESS. Yeshua came through a few weeks ago with a powerful message about this. I will be creating a series of videos that will be uploaded to my YouTube channel explaining the rise of the Ministry of Christ Consciousness,  THE RETURN AND GATHERING OF THE DISCIPLES. These are powerful times my friends! It’s getting real.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s always rooted in LOVE not fear.

Watch FULL video of Miroslava Giving Her Perspective of New Age Spirituality and GOD

I am now offering a variety of one-on-one sessions! Now, that I am more grounded in my truth, I feel ready to expand and help you achieve greater connection to Source and the many aspects of YOU that exist outside of this reality. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Sending you so much LOVE!!!

Miroslava Casiano | The Metaphysical Chick

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  1. Can’t help responding, as there is new information in “The Twelve Blessings” (1958) recorded in the voice of Jesus through the Yoga Master George King in his self induced Samadhic trance, for followers who have an open mind. Also in some discourses introducing, and after.
    “The Twelve Blessings” is a litany of sacrifices made for introducing the changes preceding the “New Age”( not the present form being imposed).
    The power already started in “The Primary Initiation of Earth”, July 8th. 1964.


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