What is happening in the world? A Spiritual Perspective | THE GREAT AWAKENING

I’ve been thinking a lot about the current events in our world. I’ve been diving deep, connecting to spirit to see in what way I can be of service during these chaotic times. Should I focus on the events taking place?  Should I simply continue to expand on the spirituality of things, the higher perspective, without actually touching on the events currently unfolding?

I see the perspective of both sides.

I feel the pain.

The trauma.

The anger.

The frustration.

I understand.

I believe that everything is a reflection of our inner reality, but I also know that not everybody sees this as the truth. Not everybody sees the world through my eyes. And so, I have to come down from the 5D experience to communicate in a way that can be understood and digested through a 3D way of thinking. This, in fact, has to include references to the chaos unfolding in our world because that is the collective chosen reality. And although this is terrifying because of the censorship that is targeting free-thinkers, I believe it is my highest duty to talk about the polarity and physicality of the human experience. Honestly, if I choose to not talk about the dark side of politics, the corruption that infiltrated the systems that are supposed to be in service to humanity, the disservice would be to myself, to my soul, to my purpose.

I am a Gemini, a Messenger of the Cosmos anchoring LIGHT, TRUTH.

My north node is Sagittarius. I am the Teacher, a Leader sharing those same Gemini Cosmic, Ancient Truths from a more spiritual, philosophical, expansive, and adventurous perspective.

I am an Aquarius Moon, rebellious, alien, wild, FREE-THINKER.

Cancer Rising, divine feminine, nurturing, loving, gentle.

Mars in Leo, heart-centered, divine masculine action.

I can keep going on and on with my birth chart, but the point I’m trying to make is that we have to follow our soul blueprint. Don’t listen to how others are telling you to live your life. Listen to your higher self, to the Universe.

DO WHAT FEELS right, not what LOOKS right in the eyes of society.

This is the time to detach from the pre-conceived beliefs and ideas of a collective that is taking action based on trauma. Honestly, a lot of what I see happening right now is what could be described as the grand battle of egos. But let me tell you something, this my friend, is the time to make what could be the most important choice of your life — FREEDOM. Choose to liberate yourself from the chains that keep you connected to a world that shames authenticity, self-empowerment, and self-expression.


What is taking place now is the biggest attempt to push people towards picking a side.


The Age of Aquarius is about the crumbling of old power structures. But, if we let the corrupt systems get away with their agenda of manipulation and mental, as well as spiritual enslavement, the only crumbling we’ll get to see is that of THE PEOPLE.

The polarity of Earth is at the EXTREME!

People are beginning to rise in their chosen side but not under the intention of healing and unity, rather persecution and “justice.”

What I’ve come to understand through my own soul-healing journey is that trauma in the company of our ego is what gives meaning to the experiences we have as humans. And this is all when the mind is in control. It’s very important, now more than ever, to stop pointing fingers, blaming others for the way we feel. Clear the dense energies of anger, fear, pain, and sadness from within. This allows the human to start seeing things with clarity, from a state of inner peace, with love, gracefully aligning ourselves to a world that holds those same frequencies. You’d be amazed at how magical the world FEELS when the heart is awakened and the mind at peace. You’ll be incredibly surprised at the sight of the people that come into your life when you rise from darkness to stand strong in your Divinity and Sovereignty.

Yes, the world seems to be going to shits! Now, will you continue to feed that narrative? Will you continue to give in to the fear and division? Will you continue to extend hatred? Will you support the censorship of souls, that like you, have ideas and beliefs that, to them, is the truth? Will you support others in taking away their voice? Will you continue to refuse to listen to each other? Will you continue to refuse to have a conversation with those that hold different perspectives of the world?


Will you rise and see your brothers and sisters for who they truly are? A DIVINE REFLECTION OF GOD. ANOTHER YOU. Wounded, sensitive, hardworking, in some cases, lost, confused, tired of the oppression, just like you. Think about it. There’s no side to choose.


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