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SISTERHOOD | Divine Feminine Power

The most beautiful feeling in the world is knowing that despite what you may feel, you are never alone.

I want to extend my love and gratitude to all the women I’ve had the honor to meet this lifetime, off and online. Your friendship, divine energy, passion, dreams, inspire me to be better, more connected, less afraid of stepping into the world as I AM.

While listening to the song “Life As Art” by Marya Stark, I had a vision. In this vision, I was in a circle of women in which all were holding hands. We were dancing and moving around in a circle. I realized that each and every woman I’ve connected to in this lifetime is soul family. We’ve been together in many lives across the universe and finally met on Earth, once again, to put the pain of our ancestors to rest.

A few months ago, I had a dream, one of my soul sisters was in it. We were looking at a wall, and in this wall, various images appeared. One of the images I saw was of a beautiful woman dressed in colorful attire. After this, I saw the face of a cow appear and flowers blooming around her and on her. I later found a painting of this same cow, so similar to the one in my dream, but it wasn’t until today that everything finally made sense.

Cows are a symbol of femininity, womanhood, fertility, motherhood, divine love. Hathor, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of beauty, music, dance, joy, motherhood, and love, is often depicted with the head of a cow. The Hathors, the interdimensional beings (equal in energy yet separate from the Goddess), look exactly like her depictions.

I’ve come to understand that many of us are connected to a lineage of strong, divine feminine energy and have returned to the Earth to clear the path for future generations of women. I’ve tried going back to past lives to see masculine incarnations of my soul but haven’t been able to see much. The more I dig deep, the more the feminine energy strengthens. It’s like everything I am here to do revolves around healing the feminine essence of humanity. This feminine energy has always existed, but it became tainted, toxic. I am in no way putting down the masculine energy, but there has to be a balance, and many of us are here to restore that balance.

Divine Feminine energy, women, are the celestial flowers, the butterflies birthing a new era of love, freedom, authenticity, truth. We don’t seek revenge for the lifetimes of oppression, we don’t want to harm anyone, we simply want to feel the love that exists in the depths of our eternal soul and seek to extend this love to humanity. 

We want to see THE PEOPLE blooming in the divinity of their own Christed light.

We are here to bring forth an energetic shift along with physical babies, the next generation of divine feminine/masculine teachers and healers. Keep in mind that feminine is energy, an essence, the children we are birthing can be men, but these men are now embracing their feminine essence, they are not afraid of it, they freely embody it.

Sisterhood is now more important than ever. Women coming together for the same purpose is POWERFUL! Reach out to your sisters! Build a community in which the divine feminine essence can bloom and extend it, let it be the nurturing blanket humanity needs at this time. Your love is so divine, LET IT SHINE!

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