love trumps fear

LIGHT VS DARKNESS and the GOD frequency

Universe Inside

love illuminates darkness

A few days ago, I had a vision in which I was sitting face to face with Marina Abramović. Marina is an artist that allegedly performs satanic rituals with the Elite.

I was sitting in a chair facing Marina.

We each were holding different vibrational frequencies.

Me – the vibration of Love.

Marina – the vibration of control, power, fear.

I was frightened at first, but after coming back to my center, my vibrational frequency shifted to a higher octave, and the tables turned.

I was no longer afraid.

She was.

LOVE always WINS

If two people sit face to face, one holding the vibration of fear, which oftentimes is held to intimidate and control other people, and the other person sits there holding the vibration of love, one will experience a wabble in their frequency.

The person tuned into the frequency of love will feel slightly submissive to the other being’s vibration because this is what humanity is used to doing.

Love has always been seen as a weakness, and so for a moment, we believe that to be true. But, once one rises above the preconceived beliefs and ideas, the vibration of love shifts the human to a higher octave in the frequency/consciousness scale, trumping energetics of lower vibration. And now, the being that once had control no longer does. Why? Because LOVE is the GOD frequency.

You can control, intimidate others by emitting certain frequencies, but at the end of the day, this isn’t following the laws of free-will.

The being holding the vibration of love, the God Frequency, accepts free-will and seeks to control or change nobody. This loosens the grip, it makes everything perfect, exactly as it must be. And because everything is as it must be, one is able to see the divinity within another, the God within one another. And this frightens those that thrive on inflicting fear and pain because they know nothing they do will ever make you submissive to their ideals. You accept that things cannot be changed, but you don’t fall victim to their creation, the reality they are projecting. YOU BECOME EMPOWERED, a SOVEREIGN LIGHT BEING.

Your unconditional love, respect, and compassion shows dark entities something they’ve never seen or experienced, and that something is GOD. Not the religious idea of God, but the true, divine creator.

full moon

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