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THE SIX HYBRID RACES | Hybrid Children

YahYel Race depiction by Vashta.com

who are the hybrid children?

Hybrid Children are beings that beautifully  merge the galactic and human genetics with the energetics. I believe all humans are hybrids, but the children are the result of more loving intentions.

The children are very much human, but far more advanced due to their chakra (energetic) system being fully activated.

Some hybrids have a distinct “alien” appearance, but the energetics remain very grounded to the Earth.

 The hybrid children are a mix of multiple galactic energetics and genetics.

the first hybrid race

The first hybrid race is said to have been a complete failure. The hybrids resulting of this genetic experiment looked more like extraterrestrials and di not thrive or survive due to the lack of emotional interaction.

the second hybrid race

Physical features heavily resembled extraterrestrials. It is said that they experienced neurological issues and were unable to reproduce.

the third hybrid race

This was a successful hybrid race known as the Essassani or Sassani. These beings were moved to a different world in which they now thrive as a society. They are humanoid but heavily resemble the Grey extraterrestrial race.

the fourth hybrid race

Physically resembles humans and previous hybrid races. This race is yet to be introduced to the “public.” Not much is known about them.

the fifth hybrid race

The YahYel race, also referred to as Salinaya or “those who will come first.”

This race is very much human in appearance with a slight resemblance to other extraterrestrial races. Very much human-like.

The YahYel are said to be the perfect combination of human and extraterrestrial DNA, embodying the qualities of oneness, intuition and compassion.

Bashar (an Essassani being channeled by Darryl Anka) mentioned that the Phoenix Lights of Arizona that showed up in 1997 was indeed the space craft that houses this race of hybrids.

the SIXTH hybrid race

This race resembles humans most in physicality.

The beings have enhanced empathic and psychic skills. Greater sense of unity.

It is said that the children will integrate with humans on Earth when we’ve proven to be emotionally, mentally and spiritually mature enough to handle their energy. Only then will the hybrids fully integrate into society.

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