Donald Trump lightworker


Donald Trump, and the election for that matter, are simply the opportunity humanity needed to grow beyond social norms, controlled narratives, fear-based belief systems, corruption, hate.

The truth is…

We’ve been following the crowd of limited minds for far too long.

We’ve grown to believe that power lies outside of ourselves.

Subconsciously, we’ve been feeding the division of not just this country, but our WORLD.

I know many don’t want to hear this, but this is what I see from a higher perspective…

Before Donald Trump, the corruption in our country hid behind a smoke curtain created by those we trusted most. What he has done, is tear down that curtain, putting corruption in the forefront. We cannot unsee what we’ve seen and what we are about to see.

Four years ago, I despised Trump. I couldn’t even hear him speak because he triggered the hell out of me! Now, after working on myself, healing ancestral karma, nurturing my inner child, everything feels different. I see him dancing to “YMCA” and I’m like, “Aw, that’s a cute old man!” Yes, he says things I don’t agree with, but I respect him just as much as I respect every single being in this Universe. There’s so much compassion now. I am no longer reacting out of fear or anger, I am simply being, feeling, accepting.

Hating someone only increases the fear and discomfort within a soul. Rise above the hate, the anger, the ego-mind, and move into the heart. Everything that we see is a reflection of our wounds, trauma, pain, as well as our joys, love, sacred light.

If Donald Trump triggers you, instead of reacting, dive deep into your soul and ask yourself the following questions…

Why is he triggering me?

When you figure out the trigger, dive deeper…

Ok, he is triggering me because of this, now, how can I overcome this emotion?

Keep diving deep…


It is only then that you heal the wounds that are triggering negative emotions as a result of someone else’s actions. The lesson here is to move beyond the over-active mind and into a place of stillness that can only be accessed through a fully-activated heart.

Donald Trump is not here to make your life miserable. He is here to show you how to take your power back! He is guiding humanity back to a “Sovereign Status.” But of course, we must face the triggers. Stop reacting. Start feeling. Healing. Integrating.


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