Sirius Extraterrestrials

SIRIUS | Introduction to the Extraterrestrial Race

The Universe is believed to be over 10 billion light-years in diameter, with billions of galaxies containing billions of stars and planets. So, why would it be so crazy to think that life could exist outside of Earth?

This is part one of a series of blogs I’ll be writing about extraterrestrial races. My goal is to inspire people to consciously reach beyond the atmosphere of our planet, hopefuly activating unconcsious parts of your Starseed/Galactic coding.

We Are Not Just Human

Within our DNA lies traces of extraterrestrial genetics that, when activated, fully awaken the multidimensional human. I know this sounds crazy, but… we are hybrids. Yes! The human race is the result of multiple genetic sequences put together. Some of the most prominent genetics on Earth are Pleiadian, Sirian, Annunaki, Arcturian, Grey, and Reptilian. But, there are hundreds, thousands of other galactic civilizations out there. Let’s focus on Sirius!

A Glimpse Into Sirius A, B, and… C?

Sirius A is the biggest star seen in the sky from Earth’s view. It is twenty times brighter than our sun and remains powerful shining light for humanity, assisting the Earth with higher wisdom, enabling our ability to access higher dimensional frequencies.

Near this star is a planet in which beautiful, high vibe, aquatic/amphibious beings such as mermaids, mermen, dolphins, whales, and many more amazing creatures of incredible spiritual stature inhabit the magical waters. Have you seen the movie Valerian? Well, the pearlescent beings are very much like the indigenous beings on this planet. What about Avatar? Watch that movie too! These beings are so loving and wise beyond our human understanding. But it doesn’t stop there! This star system has now become a melting pot of galactic races much like Earth, more elevated in consciousness of course. This is why our connection is so powerful!

  • Beings from Lyra (felines) migrated to Sirius after the destruction of their planet.
  • Pleiadians, Vegans, benevolent Reptilians, any race you can think of, is probably there learning in the Mystery Schools.
  • Currently 5th Density Consciousness
  • Blue Star
  • Teachers of Mathematics, Astronomy, Metaphysics

Sirius B is a dwarf star, so definitely much smaller than Sirius A. The curious thing about it is that it is so dense, just as big in mass as our Sun, but compacted into a size similar to our planet (Earth). What we are able to see now are remnants of the star that has now ascended to the 6th density. 

  • Nonphysical
  • Harnesses higher dimensional frequencies
  • Home of The Sirian Light Council

Sirius C is the third star in the system but cannot be seen from Earth.

The Dogon Tribe in Africa is said to have received knowledge from the Nommos Sirian Civilization. According to them, this star is very much real but is much lower in frequency. Scientists haven’t been able to prove this information because the luminosity of Sirius A does not allow present-day telescopes to see much else around it, so we can only rely on the information given to us by the Dogon Tribe.

  • It is said that the star had a planet revolving around its orbit called Anu. This is the home of the Annunaki but both the star and planet failed to ascend. Anu slowly got closer to our sun and it is now trapped between the two stars, orbiting past our solar system every 3600 years or so.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is only part one of several blogs I’ll be writing about extraterrestrials. Coming up next on the galactic race Sirius is my understanding of their connection to Earth. In this blog, I will be talking about the impact of this consciousness in Ancient Egypt and other civilizations of our past. Stay tuned!

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