Couple Holding Hands

What is Unconditional Love?

Yes, we are attracted to looks but we fall in love with the soul. We fall in love with a person’s energy, essence, and vibrance. With their hopes and dreams. Their values and beliefs. We accept them for who they are because we know that perfection is a myth.

Love is Freedom

True L O V E doesn’t possess. True L O V E is freedom. “Because I love you is that I set you free” said the heart. “Go on and do with your life whatever it is that makes you happy. I will not tie you down in pursuit of my own dreams.”

Love is Selfless

L O V E is selfless. “I want you to have your own dreams. I want you to be so empowered and confident in yourself that you find a way to fly higher than you’ve ever imagined. Because that’s what I’ll be doing. And if we meet in the sky, close to the stars, we’ll hold hands and journey beyond the atmosphere of our planet. Exploring every corner of the universe together.”

Love Sees Everything

L O V E is not blind. “Love sees everything, and because it sees everything, even when surrounded by darkness, it gives without conditions for it understands that every little thing is meant to be.”

You are already whole

“Stop looking for love, for all that you ever wanted already exists within you. And when you realize the magnificence of your being, only then will you be faced with an individual that also stopped looking for love and found it within themselves. This my dear, is a match made in heaven.”

This was written from the perspective of my own heart.
Miroslava Casiano
The Metaphysical Chick (C) 2019

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