Sunrise in the Forest

The Healing Journey of A Goddess

tmcgoddessheartfallfaceI AM the physical manifestation of the divine feminine aspect of the Universe. I AM a healer that works through energy and sound, an artist, a visionary, a rebel, a priestess… The Metaphysical Chick.

Earlier this year I left my job to focus on healing energetic wounds within myself and the lineage I incarnated into. This led to months of hibernation, of complete disconnection from the outside world. I was basically forced by the Universe to take a huge step back and dive deep into my soul, exploring the darkest aspects hidden within my subconscious. Seeing everything without the veil of distortion, helped me understand the reason behind many experiences, opening up my heart, enabling a deeper connection to Source.

It was during this time that I finally got to know myself. I saw the raw, unfiltered version of all that I AM. And, to be honest, it wasn’t a pretty sight at first. At the beginning of our healing we see all the darkness that lies within us. We relive the pain, but everything that we see is through newly awakened eyes. All things finally start to make sense. We begin to understand that life is meant to awaken our soul to its divine state — the God/Goddess.

I have decided to share my journey with you in order to inspire change. To show you that everything is truly possible. That when the intention to thrive and live a heart-centered life is present, everything falls into place in divine time to make that happen. I am here to remind you that we are indeed all connected. That we are the same consciousness experiencing life from many different perspectives. And so I thank you for being courageous. It is through your struggles that the collective integrates the lessons of those experiences, allowing each of us to learn through your own personal journey. You have a bigger role than you think in the ascension of humanity to 5D consciousness. Give yourself credit. The healing you do everyday is not in vain. You, my friend, are tearing down belief systems, clearing the path for future generations.

Stay strong and grounded in your journey. Much love!

Miroslava Casiano
The Metaphysical Chick (C) 2019

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