POSITIVITY is an inside job!

Positivity is the force that inspires changed, it is the force that paves the way to success. A lot of people complain about not being able to achieve a certain goal or experience the life of their dreams. This is all because they are not fully align to the energy of all that they want manifested in their physical reality.

The first step towards achieving great things is a POSITIVE MINDSET, but a positive mindset cannot exist in an unhappy soul. That’s just the way it is. So, today set the intention to analyze every single thought that arises, especially when what you’re thinking is leading towards the negative side. Pay attention to the energy surrounding the thought as it comes to the surface. In my case, after analizing the thought, I realize that it is all based on fear. This tells me that it is all a cretion of my ego. The ego is saying that I am not good enough and that I shouldn’t even try. So, when this happens, I tell it to fuck off and move forward with whatever I want to achieve!

During my spiritual journey I’ve been able to tune in to my higher self and also energy that surrounds us all such as spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, even ET’s. I truly believe it is super naive to think that we are alone in this universe. That’s just crazy! So, as I tuned in to those energies I opened the channel for communication and guidance. The following is the result of that.

I asked questions to the energy I was tuning in and here are the answers I received…

How can you be positive all the time?

Happiness is a choice. It is up to us whether we want to be happy, sad, scared. Whatever emotion we choose to embrace is the one we will live.

I want to be happy but I just can’t.

Again, it’s a choice. It all starts with the intention to shift the way in which you live your life. The way you are living your life right now is not allowing that happiness to manifest. So, what do you do? Let go. Let go of old resentments and forgive. If you really want to be happy and are making this your priority, anything can and will be done to make that happen.

In moments of frustration I tend to blame by struggles on others. Could it be that the problem is just me? 

Look in the mirror. Stare at yourself for as long as it takes for the reality of your soul to come forward. Whether you are struggling with the way you look, too fat, too skinny, lack of self-confidence. In this moment let all those opinions you have about yourself go. Understand that life is not about who the prettiest, more perfect individual is. Life is about the journey that will take us back to our roots.

Looking at yourself in that mirror say “I am who I am because it’s who I’m meant to be,” “I am exactly the way I need to be today,” “I am beautiful,” “I am happy,” “I am love.” Repeat all those beautiful things to yourself over and over, let those words sink in your subconscious. Let yourself be free of all the judgement and forgive what needs to be forgiven as well as forgotten. 

Do you think that’s the problem with humanity? We don’t love ourselves enough and that reflects on the outside world?

Yes, it all starts inside you. If you don’t love yourself then you can love nobody. You have to learn to accept your flaws and imperfections. You have to accept that in this human reality nobody is perfect. Love yourself, love this body, a vessel that will help you navigate through this physical dimension. Once you accept yourself for who you are, then you can start seeing others the way you see yourself, imperfect but loved.

Ok, once I have that down, love myself, what do I do next? What is the next step? 

The next step will come to you at the right moment. You’ll know what to do when you’re ready. You’ll only have to listen and believe that what you’re hearing is true. But after you have achieved self love, nothing will stop you. Love is a high frequency emotion. Love will help you achieve your purpose on this Earth. 

Do we all have the same purpose or is there a specific task for each of us?

We all eventually have to get to the same place, but in one lifetime not all souls have the same purpose. For some it will be to ascend while others need to continue on this earth learning. Only some share the same purpose here on earth, in this dimension, at this moment. The intention of each and everyone of us, on the other hand, is to share light and love. Bring happiness to ourselves and others. Some get lost in the process and choose money and fame or power over love, but ascension is not something everyone is looking for right now. I guess we can say that everyone’s purpose here is to learn. 

If at any point you fall, know that the power to rise lies within you. Others can help you stand, but the decision to rise above darkness lies within you and YOU only. Don’t wait for others to come save you. Embraces your magic, save yourself.

Miroslava Casiano
The Metaphysical Chick ❤



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